Monday, September 24, 2012

Exploring curved seams

IMG_6260Last week I went to the quilt shop and came home with a set of templates for 6 inch drunkard’s path blocks.  I didn’t have a particular quilt in mind.  I just wanted to try my hand at sewing curved seams, and this seemed as good a way to start as any.

On Thursday I pieced 3 blocks.  Hmm.  Two have a little pucker, and the third has edges that don’t line up.  I didn’t take a close-up to show off the flaws!  I’m close though, so I plan to practice.

I spent the weekend at Girl Scout camp with my daughter so there was no practice.  Today I cut out pieces for 20 blocks and put them up on the design wall just to keep myself motivated.

Tomorrow I’ll start sewing again and hope I get the hang of the curves.  I watched a few video tutorials online today so I have a few techniques to try. Though I had no particular quilt in mind when I bought the templates, I now have several design ideas floating in my brain.  It would be nice to manage to bring at least one of them to life in fabric.


  1. Do you have the Curvemaster foot? It works really well, or does for me anyway. I think if you watch that video, you would probably be able to do what she does with your regular quarter-inch foot. Your block looks very nice for a first one! ---"Love"

  2. I love the looks of what you have done! I have seen and practiced with Love's special foot and it really is neat. Kind of pricey, though.

  3. Really like that blue block. Very interesting! Practice makes perfect, you know!



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