Quilt Gallery

The following are quilts I designed and made but have not written patterns for.  If and when I write a pattern for one of them, it will be moved to the patterns pages.


Spring Blooms CaPeR,  May 2016

Lucky Bugger - March 2016

Still unnamed! - February 2016

Which Way North - August 2015

Forty-Eight - September 2014

Canada Quilt - January 2014
Don't Panic - 2010
Rainbow Braids - 2009

Basic Brights (Sports/Puppies and Kitties) - 2008

Mom and Dad's Quilt - 2007

Hourglass Lattice 2009 -  Lattice Stars 2010 - Wooffles' Quilt 2011


  1. Not only are all your quilts lovely, but your page layout is terrific! Good job! Wish I had sense enough to learn to do all that! ---"Love"

  2. I just love the way you hand quilt your quilts. It really enhances your work.

  3. All of your quilts are absolutely beautiful, but I LOVE the "Lucky Bugger" quilt. I hope that you make a pattern for that one. -Brittany


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