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Quilting Buddy

Here we are, heading into the last week of April, and I haven’t blogged at all yet this month!  What can I say, it’s been a busy month with various family events and non-quilting tasks.  Most of my limited quilting time was taken up making things I can’t share yet. Here’s all I can show you of that sewing:I thought I would get some things done that I could share, but my sewing machine started misbehaving again, sewing very fast all by itself after I released the foot pedal.  The machine spent time at the shop, where of course it behaved quite beautifully, making it difficult for the technician to pinpoint the problem and confirm that it was fixed.  I had taken a video when it misbehaved at home so at least they could see what was happening. Anyway, no sewing happened while the machine was at the shop, and none again after it came home and misbehaved again.  When I went back to the shop again I was loaned a machine to use while they overhaul my machine’s insides, but now I’m catching u…