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More blooms

As usual, it is taking me longer to finish a quilt top than I anticipated.  However, today I finally finished all the blocks for this flower quilt.

I work tomorrow, so this will sit on the design wall for a few days.  That's probably a good thing.  It will give me time to ponder the color distribution. There are a few blooms I would like to move, but then that bumps something else, which results in two blooms of the same color being side by side....  In the end, I might leave it as is...or I might have a stroke of inspiration and change something around.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying more blooms in the garden.

I do not know why the trumpets of the daffodils are three different colorations.  They were all the same last year and the year before!

Also a few scattered tulips.  We have lots of greens, but the bulbs are on their last year, I think, with many producing leaves but no blooms. We lost track of time last fall and didn't get new bulbs planted.

Then we have the volunte…

Fast-forward yet another season

Yesterday I brought you fall, today I'm ploughing ahead to winter!

As you can see, we're talking snowflakes again!  Snowdreams includes templates for foundation paper pieced snowflakes in two sizes (9" or 12"), resulting in two finished size options for each of the two designs.  You can make any of them a table topper or a Christmas tree skirt. This pattern involves 60 degree triangles (paper template included) and the second design (green on the cover) also uses paralellograms.  Don't worry, these are not complicated, and I include trimming tips so you can line up the shapes without fuss.

Hoarfrost  uses 12" snowflakes.  As always, my snowflake templates included trimmed tips to help line up pieced sections easily, and suggested fabric cutting for the paper piecing.  Don't be intimidated by the pieced border.  There is no paper piecing here, just "stitch and flip" corners.  The pattern includes tips to help the pieced border fit properly.

I nee…

Presenting "Blaze"

Just in time for spring: a fall pattern!  I've observed that quilters often start seasonal projects far ahead of time to have them ready in time for those seasons, so I'm making the pattern available early.  Remember, I'm early,  not several months late.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

You may remember this quilt as a "squirrel" on my design wall last fall. The design had been simmering, in different colors and using different blocks, for quite some time but wasn't quite ready.   These fabrics came home and started clamouring to be made into a quilt. Once the design and the fabric met, the quilt almost made itself!

I wrote the pattern with three size options:  small throw (44" x 60"), large throw (51" x 75") and twin (64" x 91").  Each one has the same layout, just different size units.  For those who like to nest their seams, the pattern includes pressing directions for every seam where direction will assist wi…

Winner and spring sewing

First, thank you all for your kind comments about my table runner design in the current issue of APQ.  I wish I could send you all a copy, but I can't, so I drew a random number from 1 to 32 and came up with #17.  I'll drop one copy of the June 2016 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine in the mail as soon as The Joyful Quilter (not to be confused with Joyful Quilter and all the rest of us happy quilters) sends me her mailing address.

Spring is thinking about settling in here in mid-Iowa.  Despite plunging back to freezing for a week or so, we have blooming daffodils in the garden. OK, mine are not planted as deeply as they should be, so I get to call it spring before the neighbours who dug their bulbs to the correct depth! I'm eagerly anticipating all the blooms that will follow later in the season and into summer, and while I wait I'm producing blooms in my quilting corner.  Here's the first one.

Once I determined I liked it, I switched to mass production gard…

They're in print!

You probably don't recall the little pile of trimmings I posted about last May.  I can finally share what those came from.

My three runners were featured in American Patchwork and Quilting's June 2016 issue!

I sent the runners out at the end of June, and got to see proofs last month, but I didn't quite believe it until I actually saw them in print, with my name right there on the page.  There might or might not have been some squealing and happy dancing happening here yesterday when I finally saw the magazine.

These runners had the benefit of professional staging and photography, so I won't bother sharing any more of my photos.

I particularly like how the color placement and choices change the look of the border.  And it's funny how tastes change.  When I first worked up this design, I really favoured the fall version.  When I sewed them up, the grey and yellow was my hands-down favourite.  I really didn't care much for the green/blue/yellow the editor request…