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I've got mail!

Thank you ladies! I'm racing my daughter to the mailbox these days because the postman is delivering more than bills and junk mail :)

These lovelies arrived Thursday from Mary (Stash Heaven). That magazine seriously interfered with my preparations for taking 7 Brownie Girl Scouts to camp, but I was more disciplined on Friday and left for camp fairly well-rested and well-prepared on Saturday morning.

Ann's (A Good Yarn's) beautiful blocks and goodies arrived Saturday after I left (good timing, those Brownies would have been disappointed to delay their departure while I leafed through this magazine too...). As it was, the package was a lovely surprise when I came home Sunday afternoon after a mostly sleepless night. The chocolates are a wonderful restorative.

Monday the postman had a little trouble fitting everything in the mailbox but he persevered. When my daughter beat me to the mailbox she did a little happy dance and presented me with three packages. (The rest of these …

Decisions, decisions...

I bought this charm pack (Me and My Sister Favorites from moda) on impulse thinking it would make a lovely spring and summer throw. Oddly enough I was thinking along the lines of snowball blocks, but it's just a name right? It doesn't mean I'm pining for snow again already!

A double dose of second thoughts kicked when I got home. First, there just isn't enough fabric there for a throw. Second, I'm currently hand quilting two tops, have a third in line, and all the fabric cut up and partially pieced for a fourth, not to mention the swap blocks coming my way. Do I really want another top in the queue? I'm getting a bit discouraged as it is about the patiently waiting tops pile.

So, I changed gears and decided on another table runner. I have another gift occasion coming up and this will do nicely. Of course the decisions didn't end there. What pattern? I spent a week musing, made a firm decision, then the next week I started waffling again. Perhaps rows of fly…

Satisfying the piecing bug

I have a backlog of quilt tops to quilt and finish. It isn't a very large number, but since I handquilt anything larger than a table runner, and I'm slow at it, I've got enough to keep me busy through the end of the year. I really shouldn't add to the backlog or I'll never catch up.

So, what can I do when the urge to piece something strikes? Table toppers and runners! They're small. I can manage to machine quilt them on my small machine on my small work surface. I get the satisfaction of a finish fairly quickly.

This one is a gift. It's not quite in my taste, but it is in the recipient's so I'll try to get it quilted and bound in the next week or so. I'm thinking of a pieced binding in the teal/blue fabrics. Who knows? Perhaps with the binding on it will appeal to me more. Binding transforms some quilts.

This one is for me, made with the extra swap blocks I made. I just had to have some of the blue for me! It also still needs to be quilted and …

Not much quilting going on

I've been distracted by the sudden disappearance of the snow and the emergence of these

followed by these

Now that the sun is out again and the spring bulbs are blooming I'm starting to get excited about planning plantings. I have a tricky spot that is mostly in light shade except from noon-2 pm when it is subjected to blazing sun in the summer. If anyone with more gardening experience has any plant suggestion for shrubs, perennials or annuals that can live with that, please share! (I'm in mid-Iowa, what hardiness zone is that? 5?) It's still too early to plant, but I'm planning...and in the meantime I'm tidying up other parts of the yard, seeding a few bare patches in the lawn and putting in some brick borders in a few places. Now is a perfect time to do it. It isn't too hot yet and the biting bugs aren't out and swarming.

Sometime in the evenings when it's too dark to putter outside I'll be making a table runner with these fabrics. The b…