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Anniversary quilts gifted

I have been absent again, but the garden isn't to blame this time.  I enjoyed a vacation in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, visiting family and soaking in the sights and sounds of the coast.

Both my parents and my husband's parents celebrate 50th wedding anniversaries this year.  What's a quilter to do?  Mark the occasion with  quilts, of course. Did you know that two queen sized quilts can smoosh into one carry-on sized suitcase?

You have seen this one before.  Vintage Sparkle was made with my in-laws in mind.

What I didn't share before were the personal touches, because Pat reads my blog and she didn't know this one was for her and Bob. I didn't want to spill the beans!

Their last name is quilted in one corner. "1968", "2018" and "50th" are quilted in the other three corners.  I can't take credit for the idea.  Liz Meimann, who longarmed this one, suggested it.

I shared a glimpse of the second quilt before I sent it off to Liz…

Playing with FMQ rulers!

Look what I am doing this month:

Let me back up a little. Last fall I made the top for an ISU Cyclones baby sized version of Jelly Bean Stars.

It launched the rewrite of the pattern.  You can read about those thought processes here.  After re-imagining the design I had to make another version,which I named Magnitudes.  That one is quilted, bound, photographed and ready to be the pattern cover quilt, and the pattern is with testers as I type (thank you testers!!!)  After all that, Cyclone Baby remained forgotten in a box, unquilted.

Backing up even more, two years ago I bought a Westalee Rulers starter set to start adding ruler work to my limited freemotion quilting skill set.  I tried a few test sandwiches, had skipped stitches, broken thread and frustration.  The rulers have been in a box until I had spare time to figure out what was going on.  Spare time?  Hah!

Fast forward to last month.  The local quilt shop hosted two classes on beginner ruler work with Westalee rulers!  I'm …