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Stretch in PEI

Our road trip this summer was lovely, but I did wake up grumpy one morning.  My lovely husband knew just how to chase the grumpies away.  Before heading to our next campground, he made a detour to the Quilting B and More quilt shop in Charlottetown, PEI so I could pet some fabric. Yup, he's a keeper :)

While I was having a lovely chat with the shop owner, having some fabric cut and enjoying her lovely shop, my kids wandered around and my son took these pictures before finding me to report on their find.

Any residual grumpiness flew right out the window.  That's my runner pattern, Stretch, right there on the pattern wall, and a shop sample too.  I'd be lying if I said that wasn't thrilling! 

This pattern is one of my favourites.  Just 6 fat quarters and 1/2 yard of fabric yield the top and pieced backing, and it works with any color scheme or seasonal theme.

Coincidentally, a version of Stretch was sitting on my sewing table when I left on vacation, waiting for me to …

Spring Bloom Block Tutorial

After I posted pictures the spring blooms quilt I made last spring, I received a lot of requests for a block tutorial.  It's been slow coming, but here it is!

Fabric and Cutting

For a single 10" block you will need:

      4 - 4" squares assorted scraps (A) (I used different prints of one color)
      4 - 2" squares background (B)
      4 -  2" x 4"  background (C)
      4 - 2" x 5 1/2" background (D)
      4 - 2" squares green (E)

I made my flowers from scraps,  but I used just one fabric for all my block backgrounds to make the blooms float on the quilt.  It might be interesting to use a variety of neutral scraps for the background and see how that looks.  If you give that a try, please share a picture!

Pressing instructions

As much as possible, I plan my pressing so that seams will nest when I join units. I find my corners match better when I do this.  If you follow the pressing directions as given, you will be able to nest any seams that…

How I label my quilts

I've been asked recently how I label my quilts.

Answer #1:  Label my quilts?  Oops!  I missed that step on the last few, and more before that...

That earned me a lecture.

Answer#2:  When I do remember to label, I use a square of muslin folded into a triangle sewed into the back corner of the binding.

That answer earned a blank stare, so I thought I'd share a short tutorial.  I don't claim to have come up with this method. I've seen it in various places and I don't remember where I saw it first, but I really like its simplicity.  The simpler it is, the likelier I am to do it!

Start with a square of muslin or other light colored fabric and fold it in half diagonally, right side out, to form a triangle.  Press to get a crisp folded edge, and write whatever information you want to include on one side.  I usually include the name of the quilt, name of the pattern and designer, who made the top and who quilted it, and a date.  If it's a gift I might add a message to …

Small element, big difference

Isn't it funny how a small thing can make a huge difference? I've had a love-hate relationship with this little quilt.

I loved my fabric choices and loved making the blocks.  I hated the way the fabrics played together IN the blocks. (Blocks are from "Chic Sisters" by Sew Kind of Wonderful.)

The pinwheels didn't pop as much as I had hoped. The white and grey prints seemed to disappear where they met the light aqua and yellow.  These blocks were supposed to be joined to make a table runner for a shop sample, but I thought it just looked like a busy mess.

I toyed with a square layout, and tried to figure out what to put in the middle.  Another pinwheel? An applique? An hourglass block?  In the end the blocks sat in a drawer for a few months.

Over the summer I wasn't very inspired to sew.  It wasn't just because summer activities beckoned.  I just couldn't think of anything that I really wanted to work on, and there were no ideas at all percolating in m…


Why is it August already?  Did time steal a few days (weeks)?  I guess I've been too busy enjoying summer and family to notice the time go by.  But it is in fact August.  The profusion of blooming Black-eyed Susans in my gardens proves it.

We made a lovely road trip back to Canada, swinging through southern Ontario, then through Qu├ębec on our way to family in New Brunswick, and since we were up there we thought we might as well go on up to Prince Edward Island since the kids had never been there.  DS got to visit the Stanley Cup in Toronto, DD enjoyed Green Gables and the Anne of Green Gables musical in Charlottetown and DH and I enjoyed the unplugged family time.  I won't give you a stop-by-stop review of our trip.  I'll just say it was fabulous.

Back in the sewing room, I have been uninspired so I worked on clearing my small pile of UFOs.  To start, I finally sewed the binding onto my very yellow quilt and it is now on my bed. I added pillow cases to match.

I like it and…