Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Why is it August already?  Did time steal a few days (weeks)?  I guess I've been too busy enjoying summer and family to notice the time go by.  But it is in fact August.  The profusion of blooming Black-eyed Susans in my gardens proves it.

Black-eyed Susans:  my reliable August bloomers

We made a lovely road trip back to Canada, swinging through southern Ontario, then through Québec on our way to family in New Brunswick, and since we were up there we thought we might as well go on up to Prince Edward Island since the kids had never been there.  DS got to visit the Stanley Cup in Toronto, DD enjoyed Green Gables and the Anne of Green Gables musical in Charlottetown and DH and I enjoyed the unplugged family time.  I won't give you a stop-by-stop review of our trip.  I'll just say it was fabulous.

Back in the sewing room, I have been uninspired so I worked on clearing my small pile of UFOs.  To start, I finally sewed the binding onto my very yellow quilt and it is now on my bed. I added pillow cases to match.

I like it and DH likes it, but now I have a "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situation.  (That's a great kids's book, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure!)  The quilt looks great, but the blue walls don't go as well as I thought they would, so I need to repaint.  The blue wall hanging won't look great against the new paint, so maybe I'm thinking about a new quilt for that wall.  Then of course the blue runner on the dresser will be the only touch of blue so maybe that will need to be replaced too... I'll keep the pooch though!

I made a quick little purse to replace my previous one, which had a frayed strap and holes in the corners. It was time!  I'm a fan of small purses, just big enough to carry my wallet, phone and keys, and I like them to have a cross-body strap so I don't set the purse down somewhere and walk away without it.

New purse

I also finished up a variation of Sew Kind of Wonderful's  "Chic Sisters" pattern.  Last spring I offered to make shop samples using the Quick Curve Ruler for the shop where I work. I finished the runner and table topper a couple of months ago, but this Chic Sisters one stalled at the block stage.  My boss didn't want the full quilt, just something to show the curved blocks.  The original plan was to make a runner, but the blocks didn't pop in that so they just sat for months. We finally decided to turn them into a baby quilt, I played around with a couple of layouts, and I finally have a finish. Looking at my pictures I see that most didn't turn out very well, so I'll leave you with a small taste and go take more pictures to share tomorrow.



  1. A beautiful yellow quilt! Funny how one thing leads to another (like "If you give a Moose a Muffin", too--love all the books in that series).
    Then to see that you made a blue purse after you talked of getting rid of all the blue in the room. My first thought was that you will need to remake that, too.: )

  2. I love the purse. The fabric is beautiful and it looks like a nice design. If you decide it doesn't go with the room either, I'd be happy to give that a home. ;-)

  3. Your yellow quilt is just gorgeous! Nothing like painting to make sure you will keep on quilting to make matching items, LOL

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! It's funny how one small change can generate many more---happens to me all too often!

  5. Love the purse. Can I ask what pattern it is. I'm a huge fan of small purses too for the same reasons. I find the larger the purse the more rubbish I'm tempted to fill it with x

  6. Your yellow quilt is beautiful, and big! Good luck getting everything to co-ordinate. I once told my husband that all greens go together. Glad you plan on keeping Rosie -- she is a cutie. Sounds like you all had a wonderful vacation in Canada.

  7. You certainly accomplished a lot! The yellow quilt looks fabulous! I'm really loving that little purse, too. Where can we purchase that pattern? I love making small purses for friends and family. Glad you enjoyed your trip! We've been having some glorious weather! Too bad you didn't get as far as Cape Breton! Maybe next time! XO

  8. Your black-eyed Susans are so pretty! I loved your yellow quilt when you first shared it, and I still do. Actually, I think the wall hanging looks great on the blue wall. I wouldn't change a thing in that room. Of course, I'm no interior decorator; I just do things "my way". Your bag is cute, and just the right size! I also like the baby quilt pattern, colors, and your quilting on it. ---"Love"

  9. Just a thought.....you could do a very pale yellow on the wall.... the blue wall hanging would still go with it. So glad your son got to see the cup. I only saw the replica when I was there.. it was in California at the time I visited way back in the 90's. Sounds like a very fun family trip.


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