Saturday, June 11, 2016

Blooms finished and gifted

Now that the blooms quilt has safely arrived at its destination (and 3 days earlier than I often does that happen?)  I can share the finished quilt.  Ta da!

I bet you didn't see the elephant coming! Apparently, when you administer CPR and you do it right, you leave the lucky person feeling like an elephant ran over their chest (which is good even though it sounds awful, because it means the person is still alive to feel).  That is why the person who performed CPR last January gets an elephant on her quilt.


Most of this quilt was quilted with my trusty walking foot.  I considered trying freemotion in the sashing, but in the end I preferred crisp straight lines that remind me of a trellis.  Next I considered freemotion in the petals.  That was the part I picked out several time before settling on straight lines radiating from the flower centers.  I'm sure in some other hands FMQ could have worked out beautifully, but it just wasn't soaring in my hands!  Have I mentioned I love my walking foot?

The only part of the quilt that has free-motion on it is the elephant, and I forgot to take pictures of that.  Ooops!  Trust me, the paisley pattern is gorgeous and flawless...

Now I'm off to do something with this little guy:

Gotta have backyard security to chase the rabbits away from the blooms!