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Gardening won

There has been very little sewing to share the past month. I haven't kept up with what's been going on in blogland either.  It wasn't for lack of interest.  Rather it was a lack of time. Setting the garden to rights before the heavy heat set in gobbled up all my days off and some evenings as well, and tired me out so that all I wanted to do was tuck into bed at the end of the day.

After a couple of years of letting gardening chores slide down the priority list, there were just some things that could not be put off any longer.  Some flowerbeds were terribly overgrown, plants needed dividing and thistles and dandelions were just a little too comfortable.

I forgot to take "before" pictures, but here's a peek at the "after" as it starts to bloom.

This bed around the redbud tree is brand new. It caused my daughter to stop dead in her tracks when she saw  us digging in May.  She finally found her voice to ask:  "You're adding MORE?  Didn't yo…