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Quilting On Point

While I was sewing up the sample for my next pattern, I realized I have used on point settings in a few patterns.  It occurred to me that some may find "on point" intimidating.  If you are one of those quilters, let me ease your fears.

Sewing  rows of blocks on point is just like sewing horizontal rows of blocks, with the addition of a triangle at each end of the row.  You don't have to sew at an angle. You're sewing straight lines.

Let's talk about those triangles.  Side setting triangles are the ones that will make up the sides of the quilt.  Corner setting triangles, as I'm sure you guessed, will be the corners of the quilt.

There is no way around having at least one stretchy bias edge on a cut triangle, but you definitely can avoid ending up with those stretchy edges on the sides of your quilt, where they might cause distortion. To avoid having bias edges on all sides of your quilt, you want any triangles sides that end up on the outside edge of the quil…

Sun-seeking quilting

It's been grey outside for most of the last week and I'm looking for sunshine.  My scrap bins teamed up with a ruler and a book that have been patiently waiting on my shelf for several months to bring some into the sewing room.

I bought the QCR Mini ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful in the fall, planning to use it to make their Posh Santa for Christmas.  Umm, well, Christmas comes around every year, right?  It might still happen.

I also bought the Mini Wonderful Curves book on impulse.  I don't usually buy on impulse, but this one has several projects I think I'd like to make, time permitting.  I'm starting with the cheerful sunflowers in the Soak Up the Sun quilt.  I didn't really want to make 9 sunflowers, as I have other projects also clamoring for attention, but just three for a runner sounded about right for a short diversion.

Cutting and trimming take the most time with these blocks.  You start with squares and rectangles, and cut curved pieces from those, t…

Happy National Quilting Day

Happy National Quilting Day!

Let's put the daily news on hold and enjoy some pretty pictures and quality time in the sewing room today.  But first, I spent some quality time with technology learning to use a new app to make and share this video.  Well, it's a video of still pictures.  I'll work up to video.  Maybe.  Baby steps!

Happy Worldwide Quilting Day! by CanuckQuilter on Jumprope.

Next I'm taking Rosie for a walk (can't resist those pleading puppy dog eyes) then I'm going to start a new project because I don't have enough UFOs yet!

Temp Quilt Wednesday?

Temp Quilt Tuesday has a better ring to it than Temp quilt Wednesday, but I missed Tuesday.  In this somewhat surreal state the world is in right now, I lost track of my days, but I'm overdue for a Temp Quilt update, so Wednesday will have to do!

With new pattern releases at the end of February, a last minute trunk show with the lovely Fort Dodge Area Quilters (thanks for inviting me!) and preparing and teaching a two-part ruler quilting class, the temperature quilt was rather neglected.  When I picked it up last weekend I had about 5 weeks of blocks to catch up on.  They are quick, simple blocks, but keeping the colours in the right places when catching up on 35 blocks at once required a bit more organisation to be efficient.

I borrowed some ideas from Raewyn to get organised.  I had precut strips of each colour and was cutting squares off the strips as needed. This worked fine when I was keeping up, but was bit tedious when I had 35 days' worth of catching up.  I decided to …


After many peeks at Topiaries in progress, here it is, complete.

This one is made using a precut strip pack of 2 1/2"strips, plus yardage for background, border and binding. This particular strip pack was a Northcott Shimmer colorway, with coordinating yardage for the border and a metallic gold Moda Grunge for the background.

I finished the top in early November, and slowed to a standstill when I decided I wanted to try quilting the whole quilt with my Westalee quilting rulers.  I knew I wanted to use the rulers, but it took me awhile to decide exactly what to quilt to complement the piecing.

I had to pick out the freehand feathered wreath I had tried in one block before deciding to use rulers.  The wreath turned out OK, but it just didn't pop in that block.  I just was not going to go to the effort of quilting 11 more feathered wreaths if they were just going to fade away and not show up!  It was worth picking it out, because I think the petal motif I came up with using the …


I had so much fun designing and making this quilt!  I don't use precuts often, but when this idea popped into my head as I tried to fall asleep one night and was still there when I woke up in the morning, I knew I needed to make it.

This version was made with Island Batik strips and some metallic Moda Grunge yardage.  I even used leftovers lengths strips for a scrappy binding.

I planned to gift this one to one of my daughter's friends, and my daughter suggested her friend would love a touch of Cuddle fabric (similar to Minkee) somewhere on the quilt. I didn't want to deal with the weight of a cuddle backing as I quilted on my domestic machine, so I added a cuddle applique instead.  I've done this before and liked how it turned out.  My daughter has a cuddle penguin on her quilt.

The pattern for the dog applique is from the Buddies Project Trio Pattern by Karen at KLee 2Strings.  This design was perfect for my daughter's dog-loving friend.  I just enlarged it to fit…

Leap Day Pattern Launch

Leap Day Launch is here!  I'm releasing four new patterns on a date that only happens every four years.

Cascade is a bold graphic design that comes together very quickly.  Large pieces let your fabric choices do most of the work of creating the wow! factor. For my first quilt I chose 4 tone on tone greens on black but don't let that limit you.  Anything goes!  I really think any fabric style will work with this design.

Look what I chose for my second quilt top.

If you have followed this blog for awhile, you know that florals are not my usual choice.  Blue, yes.  Floral, no.  In this quilt I love both!  These florals are Botanical Etchings from Connecting Threads.

Notice that the floral version has a print border, while the cover version floats on the background color.  Making the border from the same fabric as the background, as in the cover quilt, makes the intertwined fabrics float on the background for a bold modern effect.  Choosing one of the prints for the borders frames…

New pattern #1 coming soon!

I wrote a few new quilt patterns in the last month or so.  My creativity seems to be waking up after a long snooze!

Cascade will be one of four new Canuck Quilter patterns making their debut on Leap Day at a pattern launch event at Quilting Connection in Ames. Leap Day just seemed like a good day to do something special.  If you are local, I hope you'll pop in sometime that afternoon to say hi and check out my quilts. 

I was excited about this one and I immediately cut into fabric to test it.  I conveniently had a snow day off from work the next day and by that afternoon I had a completed quilt top.  That is a new record for me.  Granted, it has a lot of big pieces, but still.  I usually stall at adding the borders but I pushed through this time.

It still needs to be quilted. I think I'll try a different design in each color, and very simple straight lines in the background.  I don't think I'll get it done in time for Saturday.  Being sick for over a week derailed my p…

Cover quilt and ruler quilting

I have a new pattern in testing, and while the testers are hard at work, I need to finish the cover quilt so I'll have the cover ready when the final revised pattern is released.

I think you can guess that I have been getting to know my quilting rulers.  I planned to quilt this simply and lightly but the rulers took over.  I just love how crisp things look when I can trace instead of quilting freehand.  I also love that I don't have to wrestle the quilt quite as much as when I use my trusty walking foot.  My shoulders are much happier.

Since I took this photo, I finished quilting all the blocks.  Now I need to figure out what to quilt in the borders.  Ideas are simmering, and I hope I end up with a plan that I like as much as the design I quilted in the blocks.

I am enjoying playing with just a few basic Westalee rulers, layering shapes to build up different motifs.  This one uses the Circles on Quilts templates for the circle that I used as a base.  The petals inside and outs…

Temp Quilt Tuesday

Though I had planned to share my Temperature Quilt progress every Tuesday, here we are three weeks since my last update.  Squirrels invaded my sewing room, and the temperature quilt was neglected for a little while. I think I'll revise my Temp quilt reporting plan to share just once a month, on the first Tuesday of the month.

The Red Scrap Squirrel was much more insistent that I expected.  It's related to the temperature quilt though.  It starts out with the same block and block layout.  I shared the top a couple of posts ago.  What became time consuming was the quilting.  I generally don't quilt things very densely but this squirrel really liked playing with my Westalee quilting rulers.

I tried freemotion swirls in the white space but it looked too busy so I stopped before it was too overwhelming to pick out.  Once I started straight lines, they turned into matchstick quilting.  I love the look, but it's a little wee bit time consuming!  The Sashlee ruler helped speed…