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Corner trimming tool meets binding

While I was looking through old posts last week I came across this one about how I use a corner trimming tool when I join binding strips on the diagonal.  At the end, I wrote that I would soon share how I use the tool to join the binding tails when attaching the binding to the quilt.  That was over 5 years ago.  Oops!

This weekend, I showed a customer and friend at the shop where I work how to use the tool for her binding.  She wished she had pictures to refer to so she could refresh her memory next time. OK then, it's time to finally write that post!  Mary M., this one's for you!

For completeness, I am going to include the entire process of attaching the binding to the front of the quilt. I use double fold binding made with 2 1/4" strips, and use a 1/4" seam allowance when sewing it on.  See this post for instructions to make double fold binding from individual strips, or this one to make continuous bias binding.

I lay one end of the binding about halfway along one …

Pausing for purples

This summer these pretty strips showed up at the local quilt shop.

These are Crystal sea from Island Batik.  The colors had to come home with me, even though I had no pattern in mind.  That's a rare occurrence.  Usually I can drool over pretty fabric but I don't bring it home unless I have a plan.   That keeps my stash from overflowing its shelves and it keeps my budget balanced (more or less).
I had deadlines to meet and gardening to do so the strip pack sat on the shelf looking pretty for a month or two until one evening, when I couldn't sleep, I fired up EQ to start playing with ideas. By the time I started feeling drowsy, I had the start of an idea sketched out, but it didn't gel until my head hit the pillow.  I jumped back out of bed, found pen and paper and made a note, just in case the idea evaporated while I slept.  Thank goodness I did, because all I could remember in the morning was that I had had an idea, but the details were rather sketchy.
Do you ever have…

Canuck Quilter patterns at Connecting Threads

My husband came back from the mailbox last weekend with a little spring in his step and a grin on his face.  He found the latest Connecting Threads catalog and remembered to flip through it to find my patterns.  It's a toss up whether he or my mom are my biggest cheerleader.

There it is on page 21:  Connecting Geese by Canuck Quilter Designs, exclusive to Connecting Threads, sewn up by their sample sewers in their new Elemental Nuances fabric line.  They are selling kits as well as pattern downloads.

You may also recognize the placemats and runner on page 23.

I really think the pattern works well with just about any fabric style or color palette.  These are certainly different from mine in bright blue and lime batiks, but no less effective in an all-grown up, elegant way.  I'm tempted to order some of that fabric for a new set for my table.

I colored both patterns in EQ using digital swatches of this fabric line, but this is the first time I have seen them actually sewn up.  S…

New patterns: Leftovers and Mostly Clear

Rosie wanted to let you know that the Mostly Clear pattern is now available in my Etsy shop.  You may remember I wrote about making the quilt in August.  Since then Kim Williams, Joanne Harris, Mary-Ann Vanner and Tina Fugate generously donated their time, effort and fabric to test the pattern for me.  I am very grateful for their help. It lets me release the pattern with confidence knowing it passed muster with independent quilters!

The pattern features strip piecing to speed assembly, and borders that come together in segments as the rows come together to avoid having to sew on long border strips. Last but not least, the part of the pattern that excites me most is the pressing direction guidance that lets you nest every single seamintersection for perfectly matched seams.

Rosie would also like to announce that there is now a pattern for the Leftovers table set, though I declined to let her pose on the placemats.

As I mentioned in September, these were a great cheerful pick-me up pr…

Starlight Plaid is a top

Here it is, Starlight Plaid in red and grey!  You may remember last month's post about trying to make the blue stars work, but I think the red was the better choice. Maybe I feel that way because it reminds me of my son's black and grey and red plaid flannel shirts.

I've been alternating sewing it up and writing the pattern.  I had it all written up before I started sewing, then decided I really should include alternate sizes, which then led me to assemble the star centers in strip sets, and it all required lots more calculating and figuring for the various sizes and in the end I have a much better pattern. All it needs now is testing.  If you'd like first crack at this pattern as a volunteer tester, send me an email (  Pattern includes baby, throw, twin and queen sizes.

Though it really is a straightforward pattern, making the top was a bit of an adventure.  I think because it was such a simple construction I didn't pay as much attention …

Round Robin Update

In July I received the last quilt I needed to add a border to for my guild's Round Robin challenge.  There are four of us in my group, and we have been passing the quilts around, everyone adding a border to each quilt in turn. I shared my contributions to two quilts in this post last May.

Here is Jen's quilt as it was when it was passed to me.  Center star by Jen, first border by Traci, and second border by Pam.

Jen also included lots of fabrics in case we didn't have anything in our stashes to work with her colours.  I used some of those to repeat the fabric from her star points, and I found a red that echoed the red in the other two borders.  I almost headed to the quilt shop for a creamy solid to match what Pam used, then noticed that Jen had used  scrappy neutral prints in her origimal background, so I dug into my neutral scraps to see what I could use up to pull that element back in.  The prints don't show up very well on my photo.

This was actually plan C. I cons…