Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Round Robin Update

In July I received the last quilt I needed to add a border to for my guild's Round Robin challenge.  There are four of us in my group, and we have been passing the quilts around, everyone adding a border to each quilt in turn. I shared my contributions to two quilts in this post last May.

Here is Jen's quilt as it was when it was passed to me.  Center star by Jen, first border by Traci, and second border by Pam.

Jen also included lots of fabrics in case we didn't have anything in our stashes to work with her colours.  I used some of those to repeat the fabric from her star points, and I found a red that echoed the red in the other two borders.  I almost headed to the quilt shop for a creamy solid to match what Pam used, then noticed that Jen had used  scrappy neutral prints in her origimal background, so I dug into my neutral scraps to see what I could use up to pull that element back in.  The prints don't show up very well on my photo.

This was actually plan C. I considered making the whole border out stars, sprinking in a few in accent colors.  However, they were time consuming and I figured Jen would probably appreciate getting her quilt back sometime before next year. I forget what plan B was...  

The points in the gold border were inspired by elements of the border Jen added to my quilt.  

The second to last border and the corners added to the previous border's cornerstone are hers.  Traci added the last border, and Pam made all those flying geese and puss in the corner cornerstones.  It is miles away from what I envisioned when I looked at my center medallion, but it's been great fun to see what direction other quilters' creative flights took it. I hope they enjoyed the process too.

Though I have it back in my possession, I won't have time to work on finishing my round robin quilt for a while.  When I do, I plan to add another border to make it just a little larger.  I may add red to frame it all.  As my partners demonstrated, there are so many possibilities!


  1. Two very cool quilts! I love that there was some asymmetry-like stuff going on with the borders. So often, we just make one stretch of something for a border and never consider breaking it up. This is a good lesson in options! I'm excited to see what else you do to yours, bit love that kitty in the center more than the rest. (I might have a slight bias, though...)

  2. From seeing those two Round Robins, I'm sure all involved ended up with beautiful quilts; those two certainly are! It's fun to see how different quilters see things. ---"Love"

  3. |Love the border with the stars and points! And your quilt is beautiful with the rounds your members added.

  4. I think Plan C was perfect for that quilt--looks awesome! Round Robins are so fun and surprising--love what everyone has come up with for your cat block!

  5. Those are both amazing RRs! I'm taking a break from them (maybe forever) because I found it pretty frustrating to come up with borders. Not all was bad, though, because I was usually amazed at how nice they came out after all! We did it from September through May, so there were more people involved.

  6. Both of these RR are great! Were the red tones decided in advance, or just end up that way on both pieces?

  7. The round robin quilts are both beautiful! You are all some lucky ladies to have such works of art.

  8. Yours came out beautifully! Don’t you love it? I did a RR a few years ago. I started out with the ugliest center and ended up with the prettiest quilt! It’s become my favorite lap quilt! Would you do this again?


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