Friday, May 31, 2019

Round Robin sneak peeks

Though I didn't sew much the last few months, the quilt guild round robin  kept me from totally deserting my sewing room.  I had committed to this back in January, so I had to come down and sew a little, and I think that was a good thing.  My group gave me permission to share progress here, so here's a peek at the two quilt I have added rounds to so far.

Pam's Mariner's Compass medallion
Pam made a gorgeous Mariner's Compass block for her medallion.  That's fussy cut Tula Pink fabric in the blades, meeting and matching to make a lovely little floral center.  Coming up with a order to do it justice was an intimidating task, but playing around with stock borders in EQ8 helped.

The borders are from EQ but the corners are my esigns.  I had to tweak the colors a couple of times to get the right effect, but I'm pleased with how it worked out. 

I think if the next round had been mine to add I would have turned this on point.  I have no idea what wonderful idea the next person in the round robin came up with, as I missed the last meeting so didn't get a peek at the next round.

Next up is Traci's medallion with Jenn's round added.  This one is more modern than most of what I make so it stayed on the design wall most of the month while I figured out what to add that would play well with the rest.

I decided to try to pull out some of the brighter blues from the center, and have some sort of slash and insert component to the piecing, because the plus signs looked like they might have been constructed that way.

I slashed these squares at random angles and inserted the yellow and orange strips.  I followed that up by using the block as one of the fabrics in a paper pieced wonky triangle block.  Wonky-on-purpose is so much harder for me to acheive than wonky-by-accident!

I think using one background fabric for two adjacent sides and a different background for the remaining two added an interesting element, but it was not a thought out design decision.  I just didn't have enough of either fabric, or any other suitable background print.  Happy accident?

I wish I had a picture of what Pam added to my cat medallion.  I saw it when it was passed along for the next round but did not think to take a picture.  Her border of little tiny flying geese is fabulous!  I'll get the whole thing back in a few months and will share then.

I think there will be a short hiatus in the round robin as one person had life interfere with her plans, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait!  One more round to go...


  1. Your added wonky border looks great. I do like the different toned backgrounds.

  2. Both quilts are looking great! The colors in the compass one are beautiful but I do love blues. The triangles added to the second one work so well, you had a great idea. I'm sure both quilts will be loved!

  3. You have absolutely nailed it on both rounds! They look amazing.

  4. Each of the borders you made was creative and a perfect compliment to the rest of the quilt.
    Your border for the Mariner's Compass is stunning, and the "slashed" triangles really give it a "wow" factor!
    And I can't wait to see what people did o your center. :)

  5. I absolutely love what you added to the mariners compass!

  6. These are both great! And so different from each other. Quite the challenge, and you rose to the occasion(s). Looking forward to seeing more photos of these and your cat one as they progress :)

  7. You did a wonderful job with both quilts and came up with ideas I would never have thought of. But I would expect no less from you and your amazing creative mind. I find it hard to believe this hasn't jump started you back into your sewing room, but when you do...look out!

  8. What a fun idea for the Round Robin!!

  9. Both RRs turned out great! I have done RRs for the last 3 years and decided not to do it this coming year. I get that you have to think about what to do by hanging it on your design wall during the month. But you are very creative and they are both perfect for the medallion.

  10. Reminds me of when four of us did a round robin and mailed each other over the summer for 4 months. These are glorious!

  11. Round Robins are so fun and such a challenge! Your ideas for both quilts look great and compliment what was there already, well. Congratulations to your wise daughter on her graduation - I hope she is enjoying Summer Camp.

  12. They are both awesome! My one experience with participating in a round robin was so very much fun. I look forward to seeing more!


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