Friday, June 14, 2019

Did I forget to mention...?

Several months ago I released my latest pattern, Fundy Skies. Yup. After a false start with one photographer, I finally got a good picture for the cover (thank you!) and released the pattern.  Shipped it to distributors.  Uploaded to my Payhip shop, then to the Etsy shop when I switched to that.

I apparently forgot to announce it though.  My marketing needs some serious work!

I really, really love this design.  You can't accidentally cut off the points in this star block, so it is very forgiving.  The sashing is actually built into the large blocks so there are no long sashing strips to measure and sew. And if you like to nest your seams to help match corners, this pattern makes it easy.  Detailed pressing instructions help you nest every seam that needs to nest.

I designed it for my own bed several years ago, and revisited the design for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary quilt last year.

Here's what Kathleen, one of my wonderful testers had to say about the pattern:
"I loved this pattern.  Originally I thought it too wordy but as I went along I found it so organised and clear.  The cutting charts were accurate and easy to follow and I loved that you showed pressing directions - all seams nested perfectly.  This is a fantastic pattern..."
Thank you so much for being a tester, Kathleen!  I am also grateful to Judy J., Louise, Lora Garrison, Jeanne Holmes and Judy MacLeod.  Please drop in tomorrow to see pictures of their versions. 

In the meantime, please spread the word that the pattern is now available .  Ask for it at your favourite quilt shop (they can order directly from me or from distributors Checker or Brewer) or pop over to my Etsy shop to buy a PDF download.

Get a 25% discount on Fundy Skies today through June 21 in my Etsy shop by using the coupon code STARGAZING.


  1. You did forget to mention. Congrats! It's a great looking pattern (I am partial to the burgundy version.

  2. I sure don't remember you sharing the new release, but I may not be the most reliable for remembering that far back! It's a beautiful quilt...uh, Katie, no squirrels!

  3. I remember when you made both colorways and I love them both!

  4. What a lovely pattern. I’ll keep it in mind if and when I’m needing a starry pattern. If you ever need more testers , keep me in mind. I love helping other quilters.
    Carol Andrews

  5. That's a fantastic pattern and works so well in different colourways. I'm looking forward to seeing the other versions.

  6. I like the burgundy version. Thanks also for designing a pattern that survives trimming without disturbing the points!!

  7. I love how the subtle shading really POPs in the second version. Thanks for eliminating the need for long sashing strips. What a bonus to a gorgeous quilt design!!

  8. I wondered what ever happened with the pattern! So great to see it finally published :)

  9. Just love this quilt pattern Joanne! I loved seeing the new version you did for your parents (wasn't there an ocean shot in that post?!) Anyhow, having bought and made a few of your patterns, I can attest to the fact of how clear and straightforward they are to follow, not to mention how ingenious your designs are! Love the Rosie approval shot on your bed!

  10. Sounds like a great pattern. Certainly the quilts are gorgeous! ---"Love"


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