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Freezer paper foundation piecing tutorial

My sewing room is nice and tidy today.  I thought tutorial pictures might be less confusing with no unrelated bits getting into the pictures.  Also, having you all here for the sew along seems like having company, and Mom taught me to tidy up for company.  I didn’t vacuum though, sorry!  I figure you all want to get sewing as well and probably understand.

In today’s tutorial I’ll share how I print my foundations on freezer paper, how I prepare the foundations, organize my fabric and finally sew everything together.  I’ll be using the Snowflake 1 templates and making version 2 of the snowflake.

Printing freezer paper foundations

You can trace the foundations onto freezer paper, or you can print them directly onto the paper if you have an inkjet printer.  (I’ve read it isn’t a good idea with a laser printer.)  I cut a piece of freezer paper to 8 1/2” x 11, the size of the regular paper I usually feed through the printer.  It does curl, and the printer doesn’t always get a good grip on th…

Snowalong Week 1!

Welcome to the Snowalong Sew-along!  The first snowflake pattern is ready to share and I’m excited to see what you create with it.

First, let’s review the Snowalong basics.

1. You don’t need to sign up.  Just download, sew and share.

2. I will write a blog post every Monday, today through November 3rd, sharing a link to one of my snowflake paper piecing patterns.

3. Each pattern will be available free of charge for two weeks.  Please note that the patterns are for your personal use. If friends would like a copy, please encourage them to come download their own copy. Thanks!  (The pattern link will stay active past the two week period for anyone who is late to the part and would like to purchase the pattern.)

4. Sew up as few or as many snowflake blocks as you wish.

5.Share! Every Monday starting next week, the weekly Snowalong post will include a “linky”.  Those of you with blogs can write a blog post about your snowflakes and share a link to them in the linky so we can all go admire y…