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Needs simmering

I finished all 36 blue drunkard’s path blocks.  I started getting the hang of them again near the end of the stack. Now I need to figure out what to do with them.My original intention was to remake Autumn moons as Winter Moons.  This plan is what got me started on the whole snowflake adventure last fall, though the snowflake adventure took on a life of its own totally separate from this.  I thought I could change the color scheme and replace the leaf blocks with different blocks for different seasons.  Here’s a look at that on the wall.Hmm.  This isn’t soaring. The snowflakes definitely would need to be larger.  Maybe Snowflake 3, version 2 would have more “oomph” .  Also, I think the color values aren’t quite right.  I think my lights are all too similar, or I need more medium/lights mixed in.  Yes, the colors values will definitely need tweaking if I pursue this any further.  Of course borders would help, but I don’t like this enough at this point to spend too much time piecing bord…

Meet Rosie

Look who came home from the animal shelter with us today.Meet Rosie.  She is a 3 year old maltese/papillon mix.  She is a little bundle of energy and despite her small size will be a good running buddy for the kids.  It remains to be seen whether she will be a good quilting buddy, as she only came home today and hasn’t had time to settle in yet.  Right now she’s a bit restless and whines to go out, then in, them out, then in… We’ll get the hang of each other, then we’ll see if she’s a quilter dog or not!  One thing is certain.  Quilts will get washed rather more frequently now, as Rosie sheds a lot!  We had firm intentions to get a non-shedding or at least low-shedding dog, but just look at her!  And she has a very sweet, trusting disposition too. The only thing that would have made us leave her behind was allergies, but hubby played with her and was fine so she came home!On to quilty things…When I washed my Geese Across the Table placemats they shrank all wonky. I probably should hav…

Owl finish

When I tried all-over freemotion designs on a practice quilt sandwich, I always had trouble keeping the scale consistent, and I would paint myself into a corner, or my design would morph into something else by the time I finished.  This made me a little wary of trying it out on an actual quilt.  What if I messed up?

This little baby quilt, however, was very vocal about how it wanted to be quilted. It wanted all-over swirls.  I thought up all sorts of straight line walking-foot options, but nothing stuck.  The quilt was very clear:  SWIRLS if you don’t mind.  Well, I do mind, but OK already.

I googled free-motion swirl tutorials, watched a few and finally got my a-ha! moment when I stumbled on this one from APQ, with Angela Walters explaining.  The reminder that it is OK to stop (with the needle down of course!) and think about where to go next and how to get there was just what I needed.  The swirl design she demonstrated isn’t all curves.  There are points where you finish one swirl …