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2.5 kilometers

Believe it or not, after 15 months as a finished top Seeing Starsis finally basted and I have a quilting plan.  I even bought new thread. Here’s the 2500 m spool of Invisafil ready to go.I didn’t give much thought to that number: 2500.  It’s a large spool of fine thread, so yes, it has quite a bit of thread on it.  My husband, however, saw 2500 m and asked “Are you sure there’s 2.5 kilometers (that’s 1.5 miles) of thread on there?”Whoa!  When you put it like that, doesn’t it sound like so much more?My son offered to unwind two spools one after the other as he runs his next 5 km race to test it out.  I thought that might be considered a tripping hazard, so I’ll just take the manufacturers at their word!

Wrong season!

Please don’t misunderstand.  I am not ready for winter just yet.  In fact, fall can wait a little bit as well.  That said, I did jump ahead in my sewing room this week.This block idea has been simmering in my head for over a year now.  I wanted a six-pointed snowflake for a particular quilt. I’m not sure why I was so determined for it to have 6-fold symmetry like a proper snowflake.  I’m perfectly happy with vague representations of other objects in blocks, but my brain was determined.  I fussed in EQ on and off  and finally figured out how to section the block so paper piecing would work.My other discovery was this tutorial from the Oregon Coastal Quilters’ Guild on paper piecing with freezer paper. The tutorial calls it paperless paper piecing.  I found the link on a blog a while ago and bookmarked it.  Now I wish I could remember whose blog it was so I could thank the blogger for sharing the link.  I’ll be using this technique again!Here’s why I like it.  Compare:On the left:  trad…

Around the World Blog Hop

Sandra over at Musings of a Menopausal Melon tagged me in the Around the World Blog Hop doing the rounds in blogland.  You might like to go cheer her on as she challenges herself to finish the applique round of her guild round robin project.  Hats off to her for doing this pretty applique – I don’t tend to stretch myself in that direction!

The point of the blog hop is to introduce ourselves around and share what we do, how we do it, why we do it.  Explore our creative process. Right.  I never thought much about this, so we’ll see how the exploration goes.

Before I start that let me introduce you to Raewyn of Love To Stitch, who will join the hop on her blog next week.  Raewyn lives on a farm in New Zealand, works in a quilt shop and produces a beautiful variety of stitched  projects large and small. Check out the Birdy Love BOM she designed last year to encourage freemotion practice.  I hope you’ll take time to visit her next Monday to read her musings about her creative process.


156 HST

My quilting space is a little cluttered with non-quilty things at the moment.  They aren’t even my non-quilty things.  They will be cleared away by the time school starts next Thursday. After that I can spread out Vintage Sparkle and see about getting the borders sorted out, but in the meantime I needed a project to work on that didn’t need a lot of space.Enter 156 bonus HST from Starlight Wishes (formerly known as Starlight Starbright until I realized there is a QAL by that name going on and sharing a name would just get confusing).  They needed trimming down to a uniform size.  Now I get to play with them to decided what exactly they will become.I will say that whatever they become will be much smaller than the visions dancing in my head as I trimmed.  156 HSTs should give me a fairly substantial start to a project…except for the inconvenient fact that they are only 1.75” each!  The scale didn’t register in my brain until I consciously did the math.  My 156 HST will only yield about…