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Squirrel! (or Penguin)

Something happened on my way to putting prairie points on the Vintage Sparkle quilt.  While I was pondering the best way to do it (turns out it would have been better to put them on before the quilting, but that's another post) I got distracted. Squirrel!

Two patterns got jumbled together with some appropriate fabrics to fulfill a few of my daughter's quilty wishes:  penguins, Cuddle, and high school colours.

Orange and black are the school colours.  Grey is not official but I figured if the choir robes and marching band uniforms could use grey I could too.

The Penguin has nothing at all to do with the school.  Laura, however, has been hinting about a quilt featuring penguins for a very long time, so here he is.  He is "The Proper Penguin" by Robinson Pattern Company, and he is made of Cuddle fabric because she has been hinting very strongly about Cuddle too.  The Midnight Wolf (or Samoyed, in my case) worked out well this summer so I knew this would be a pretty quic…

TBT - Matt's Houses

Do you have quilts from your pre-blogging days that you would like to share with the world? My friend Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Lemon is hosting Throwback Thursday linky parties for these quilts on the first Thursday of each month.  This month's linky is today (yes it's Friday, but check out her blog for all the good reasons it got bumped to Friday).

For my first TBT post I chose the second quilt I ever made.  The colors in the picture are very poor.  The borders and cornerstones are actually green, and there are both red and orange houses.  The black houses are actually green.  All the fabrics are flannel.

In order to finish my first quilt, I acquired the book "The Quilting Bible" by The Singer Sewing Reference Library (1997 edition).  It's still on my shelf, and I still think it's a great beginner/intermediate reference.  It contains some patterns to illustrate/practice the skills it discusses.  My son was two or three years old when I got this book…