Monday, October 25, 2021

How do you feel about bias edges?  I've been playing with a new idea for placemats (yes, I'm still on a placemat kick!) and there are two ways to build them.  There's the slow way, one piece at a time, one after the other.  The second way is much faster, with strip piecing making it super quick.  

Echo Point Placemat - mocked up in Northcott's Bliss Basics

The catch is that the quick way involves bias edges, and I'm not sure how quilters in general feel about them.  These are not very long, they don't get handled very much to risk too much stretching, and there are ways to stabilize them.  I'm leaning towards the second method.  I really prefer fast when it comes to placemats!

Here's the runner to go with it.

Echo Point runner - mocked up in Northcott's Bliss Basics

I can think of a lot of variations.  This one uses two fabrics and a background, but I mocked up other versions with three or even four fabrics... It would also be easy to make longer or shorter, and the pattern could be easily written to make six placemats or a set of four placemats and the runner.  I see so many possibilities...

I plan to make a set for myself.  I already have fabric, though not the pretty Bliss pictured above.  What do you think?  Should I write the pattern?