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Chic Country progress

I need 32 more orange units for the border I'm planning for my Chic Country, but I have enough units to assemble the center of the quilt. I have started joining units into blocks, and blocks into larger sections.

So far the points are all matching up pretty well without too much fuss.  There is a lot of pinning though.  I hate pinning! I think I'll join the blocks in sections instead of rows to minimize the number of long seams with a lot of points to match.  The total number of points to match will be the same either way, but seems less daunting when tackling just a few at a time!

Trying to let Chic Country be random...

...but failing!  I have all these two-color quarter blocks done, and I thought I could just put them up on the wall in random fashion.  Nope, I couldn't do it!  There was too much dark here, two same fabrics too close together there and so on.  I fussed and rearranged!

I had to get these up on the design wall tonight to encourage me along.  On its own, each quarter block is not particularly exciting.  Start putting them together and things start to happen!  This week I'll make the blocks that have the orange accents,  then work on the border.  The original pattern doesn't have a border, but I needed one for size so I came up with something that will accent the circles.  Stay tuned!

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RSC butterfly - purple edition

I finally caved.  For the past several years I have been drooling over all the beautiful blocks and quilts popping out of quilters' scrap boxes as they join in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I've always admired and not joined in because my quilt "to do" list was already long enough.  Last Saturday's linky party showcasing finished RSC quilts just pushed me over the edge and I caved. I'll be making at least one block a month this year.

In case you haven't yet stumbled across an RSC post somewhere in blogland, here's how it works.  Every month a featured color is announced, and participants delve into their scrap fabrics for scraps in that color to make a block (or several) in that color.  You can make the same block (or blocks) every month in each month's color, or you can make something different each month.  It's really up to you.  Every Saturday you can go to the So Scrappy blog and link up a blog post about your RSC sewing for the week.

My b…

Finally piecing Chic Country

It seems like I have been cutting pieces forever.  Of course I took long breaks, so it seems longer than actual hours spent cutting, but there was still a lot of cutting for my daughter's Chic Country quilt.  First cutting squares and rectangles, then cutting 2 to 3 curves in each with the Quick Curve ruler, adds up to a a lot of cuts!

But finally, seams are being sewn!  Here are the first two blocks sewn together to make sure I'm trimming things correctly for points to match.

That's a relief!  I'm sure there will be some chopped off and/or offset points in the quilt, but at least I know it's possible!  I did have serious doubts earlier this week. To trim the block, you're supposed to to mark certain points on the ruler and place those on the three points of the unit to position the ruler for trimming the unit correctly.  Actually, the pattern says "align pieced points on or near reference dots".  On or near?  How near?  I was 1/8 off both outside poi…