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Still tackling the list!

On September 1st I posted a quilty "to do" list, and I'm happy to say I ticked a few things off this month.

Quilt Cyclone baby quiltQuilt new Wandering GeeseAdd final border to and quilt new Starlight WishesQuilt both mini Sparkling Trail quilts: 1930s version, black and red versionMake a new RSC butterfly or twoFinish hand stitching binding on Samoyed baby quilt Start brand new Lemoyne Star quilt (or two - I have fabric options to work out!)Start Anne of Green Gable quilts (two of them, one for me, one for daughter)Start a snowflake quilt - I've been thinking of all 26, and maybe a few new ones, all together in a single quilt...
I'll have a picture or two of the new Wandering Geese soon.  We're taking it for a walk in the park for glamour shots (or my attempt at them) tomorrow.  I wrote posts about the butterfly, Sparkling Trail and Samoyed earlier this month.

I made good progress on Star Fall, a new design.

It still need background strips on either side, th…

Fall again! - Blogger's Quilt Festival 2nd entry

Today was the first day of fall, even though you wouldn't have guessed it from the heat and humidity!  Still, the changing calendar made me think of pulling out my fall quilts.  I only have those out until early December, when Christmas quilts get their turn, so I need to pull them out now to enjoy them for a few months.

I thought I'd share one of those for my second Blogger's Quilt Festival entry.  Here is Autumn Moons, finished in August 2013 but still one of my favourites.

I was practicing curves and had to do something with those practice blocks!

Like many of my quilts, this one was quilted with a walking foot.  It involves lots of turning and smooshing of the quilt through the throat of my domestic sewing machine, but it gets the job done nicely! Marking curves and following along with the walking foot gives me a much smoother and precise arc than I am able to achieve with freemotion quilting.  I like tidy and neat :)

I hope you will pop over to the Blogger's Quil…

Sparkling Thirties - Blogger's Quilt Festival 1st entry

Amy at Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival again.  This year she has gone back to basics, with no categories and no voting, just a chance to be inspired by oodles of beautiful quilts of all sizes and styles.

I'm a little last minute with my contribution, as I couldn't decide what to share.  I've been working on quilting a new Wandering Geese all week, and I thought it might be fun to share the new version as the original was one of my early Blogger's Quilt Festival entries.  However, the quilting isn't finished so I chose my most recent finish instead.

Sparkling Trail in 1930's fabric had been sitting in a bin, unquilted, since February 2015. I really like how the top turned out, so why was it languishing in a bin? When I pulled it out this August to show different color options in my trunk show, I felt bad showing just a flimsy.  I didn't have time then to finish it properly but it moved up a few places on my priority list!


Evolution of my sewing space

While I procrastinate (I should be basting Wandering Geese) I have tidied up my sewing room.  Since it's now so tidy, I thought it might be a good time to invite you in for a tour.  While I was thinking of that, I looked through old photos and was reminded how much my space has changed over 18 years.  So this post has evolved from a tour to a peek at that evolution.

First, here's where things stand now.

Now let's look back to where I started.

When I first started sewing in 2000, there was no sewing room.  I used the kitchen table, and my machine was put away in the bedroom closet and taken back out again every time I wanted to sew. There was no stash.

I moved up a bit when a friend brought me a desk she found at a yard sale for $3.00.  The sewing machine could stay out of the closet.  The kitchen table was still the cutting station.  There still wasn't any stash, just fabric for quilt numbers 2 and 3 in progress. (I had cute kids though. My 2 year old son built that co…

Ticking things off the list

I didn't have as much time to sew this week as I would have liked, but I did start ticking things off the list from my last post.  I didn't start in order!

First up is my orange butterfly for September for the RSC Challenge.  Find the tutorial for the basic shape here.)

I struggled with this one.  This is not what the wings looked like initially.  I spent way too long trying to make something else work.  I should have taken a picture of that too, but I was too focused on getting this done to remember pictures.  Anyhow, arriving at this simpler version required careful picking and reconstructing because I didn't want to waste the  background fabric that I had already trimmed for the failed version.  Anyway, it's done.  I think I may make a pink one next month, and call the nine butterflies enough.  I spent some time this week playing with new layouts using just 9 instead of the anticipated 12 blocks. I may throw in a few Spring Blooms to fill in some blanks.  We'll …

Small changes, big impact

When I sewed new samples for my trunk show last month, Jelly Bean Stars was one of the quilts I needed to remake, because I had given away the original.  I played with a few little details. Here's the original.

I made fewer blocks for the new sample, partly to see how it looks in baby-size, partly because I was short on time, and partly because that's all the ISU fabric I had and I wasn't making another trip to the shop (see the part about time).

I'm sure you can spot the design differences.

1. There is a more unified color scheme.
2. Small stars in the sashing match the color of the larger stars.
3. Star centers are simplified (more due to time constraints than design preference!)
4. Small star points extend into the border.

I love the way those small stars pop now!  My husband looked at both pictures and was convinced that I had changed the proportions of that small star somehow.  He thought the original quilt had an X at each cornerstone rather than a star.  I think …