Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ticking things off the list

I didn't have as much time to sew this week as I would have liked, but I did start ticking things off the list from my last post.  I didn't start in order!

First up is my orange butterfly for September for the RSC Challenge.  Find the tutorial for the basic shape here.)

September - Orange RSC butterfly block

I struggled with this one.  This is not what the wings looked like initially.  I spent way too long trying to make something else work.  I should have taken a picture of that too, but I was too focused on getting this done to remember pictures.  Anyhow, arriving at this simpler version required careful picking and reconstructing because I didn't want to waste the  background fabric that I had already trimmed for the failed version.  Anyway, it's done.  I think I may make a pink one next month, and call the nine butterflies enough.  I spent some time this week playing with new layouts using just 9 instead of the anticipated 12 blocks. I may throw in a few Spring Blooms to fill in some blanks.  We'll see.

Here are all the butterflies so far. 

Next, I finished the binding on the Samoyed baby quilt.  Hubby delivered it this week and says it was well received.  Good, because they almost didn't get it. I kind of wanted to keep this one!

Combination of Building Blocks by McKay Manor Musers and Midnight Wolf by Robinson Pattern Company

I even like the back.  I needed just 10 inches more than the width of fabric for the backing but I really didn't want a lot of extra of this fabric in my stash.  Enter the scraps from the top!

Then, instead of finishing something, as in quilting one of the four unquilted tops on the list, I started something new, but it was on the list so it's OK, right?

These Lemoyne Star blocks came together quickly using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler from Studio180 Designs.  I spent a long time not wanting to spend money on rulers if it was at all possible to make the block without the specialty ruler.  I caved on this one.  I can and have made it without the ruler.  This just made it so much faster and the points are all just where they should be. 

I have made a few more, and some alternate blocks as well.  I can share the finished top soon.  If I get off the computer now, I can probably have all the blocks together into a top by bedtime.  But first, supper!  I have to be fueled up for sewing.

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  1. Love those butterflies. And I can see why you wanted to keep that quilt! So very cute.

  2. such lovely butterflies and the baby quilt too is a delight. Will not be long before your Lemoyne stars will be in a quilt too

  3. It's maddening when a block doesn't come together as you want it to. Having said that, it looks really good and seeing them together you realise how intricate they all are. That's a gorgeous quilt and the citrus burst colourway is so fresh. Using the leftover fabrics in the backing is a neat trick. Thanks for the review on the ruler. It's often difficult to know which ones actually work. Love Lemoyne Stars.

  4. I am anxious to see what setting you use for the butterflies. Love the orange, yellow and greens, sew cute!

  5. I love the colours in your baby quilt. Of course they would be happy. Your butterflies are super. I loved making my block.

  6. Oo, your Lemoyne stars are so perfectly pointy! Nine butterflies is enough for a swarm, right?

  7. The baby quilt turned out super cute! About rulers, I am kind of the same way you are, but recently I purchased a new 6" x 24" ruler and after using it several times, I just hated it. About this same time Rogue Quilter mentioned the Creative Grid rulers and they looked really nice, but do cost a little more. I found them in my LQS and have decided to get one soon. I took the other one back and the creative grid ruler isn't really that much more - I'm sure it will be worth it to be able to get a more accurate cut.

  8. The butterflies are so pretty! You have done a great job making each one unique.
    Oh, I can understand not wanting to part with that very cute quilt. Just makes me smile.
    I have heard much about that ruler for making the LeMoyne stars, but have never tried it. Your stars look precise--and pretty fabrics, too.


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