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Astro quilt progress

The top is done! I set it aside for a while as I pondered borders. I had originally planned to not have borders at all, but the quilt didn't look finished so I played around a bit. I thought I had settled on a thin blue border, but when I started sewing I decided it still didn't look done. I thought about a black outer border, to sort of go with the background fabric, but that didn't look right. I finally remembered that I was thinking a little outside the box with this quilt, and decided the background could spill out of the box too.

So, after being inspired and discovering exactly what I wanted, I was completely deflated to find the fabric I bought 8 months ago was no longer available (who'd have thought?). I could have sworn I saw some the previous week though. Anyway, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I finally found some online. It arrived and I became obsessed and neglected the housework again but I finished the quilt top. The lighting has washed the colours out…

One WIP down

I have a sneaking suspicion that Kicking and Screaming will have the last word after all by waving its borders at me when it hangs on the wall, but for now I'll just savour the satisfaction of finally finishing it! Including all the time it spent in a box as I stewed about the latest set of setbacks, it only took about 14 months to make. :) I ordered a quilt hanger for it today, but it may take a while to arrive so I don't need to worry about the wave just yet.

Here's a look at the pringles lid quilting on the checkerboard. It isn't the full circle of the lid. I just used as much of the curve as I needed to fill the space.

I also like the way the back looks (from a distance, anyway - I'm still working on making the quilting as even and pretty on the back as on the front). I think I may have to put a whole cloth quilt on my list of quilts to make. I might get to it by 2020...

If you need a chuckle...

I don't know about you, but the "Advice from a 1949 Singer Sewing Manual" contained in this blog made me chuckle. I'm just thinking of the state of my house when I really need to sew... And dabbing on the lipstick before I sit down at the machine? My husband would think the pod people had arrived! :) Happy guilt-free quilting (just go ahead and leave those dishes in the sink! - you'll get to them eventually).

Clarinet and skates

My son's clarinet and music and my daughter's ice skates and associated gear both get lugged around at least once a week. We got tired of gathering all the bits and pieces at the last minute on our way out the door. Both kids went shopping for appropriate fabric and here's what we ended up with:

We couldn't find ice skating themed fabric but thought the penguins conveyed an icy message. The buttons on the music tote are the buttons my son earned from the band teacher for practicing (no nagging required, yay!). My daughter has plans to sew the skating badges she has earned onto her bag.

This week I also sewed up a couple of heat packs using this tutorial. (Sorry, no pics!) I had made one last year as a heat pad for aches and pains, but this winter we've all been wanting it to heat our toes when we slip between cold sheets at night. Somehow the winter just seems colder this year, even though the thermostat is set just as before. Now that we have more heat packs the w…

Superbowl Quilting

Here's what I was working on last night while the rest of the family watched the Superbowl. I finished the last of the blocks for my daughter's new quilt. I now have to join all the blocks, but seeing them all up on the design wall is inspiring me to keep going.

The hearts are paper pieced using Cindi Edgerton's Heartfelt tissue paper foundations. The setting is mine, thanks to graph paper, coloured pencils (gotta love colouring!) and playing around on the design wall to fine tune colour placements.

I asked my daughter's opinion about fabrics for borders. She had a definite preference for "the light blue". That was actually the light aqua colour with the swirls. I decided the quilt needed a slightly darker border than that to frame it, but I kept the light blue theme. I came home from the local quilt shop on Friday with the blue on the far left in the photo below. I was also looking for more of the polka dot fabric I used in the heart blocks (far righ…

Pringles to the rescue

I spent most evenings this week quilting this small quilt.

It is about 40 inches square. Some of you may remember it from a post on APQ last spring. I referred to it as the "kicking and screaming" quilt because it gave me so much trouble. There are still some problems with the top that bug me, but I declared it good enough and put it in the queue to be quilted.

Well, I'm finally quilting it, and it is still giving me trouble. Quilting started smoothly, with outline quilting in the star, a thin rope cable in the yellow inner border, a nice motif to fill the large white corners. I was making quick progress and was looking forward to finally getting it on the wall. That checkerboard border had other ideas. I didn't try a crosshatch pattern through the squares right away because I thought that would accentuate the problem of some of the squares near the corners not being actually square (one of those things that still bother me). I tried stitching in the ditch bu…