Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clarinet and skates

My son's clarinet and music and my daughter's ice skates and associated gear both get lugged around at least once a week. We got tired of gathering all the bits and pieces at the last minute on our way out the door. Both kids went shopping for appropriate fabric and here's what we ended up with:

We couldn't find ice skating themed fabric but thought the penguins conveyed an icy message. The buttons on the music tote are the buttons my son earned from the band teacher for practicing (no nagging required, yay!). My daughter has plans to sew the skating badges she has earned onto her bag.

This week I also sewed up a couple of heat packs using this tutorial. (Sorry, no pics!) I had made one last year as a heat pad for aches and pains, but this winter we've all been wanting it to heat our toes when we slip between cold sheets at night. Somehow the winter just seems colder this year, even though the thermostat is set just as before. Now that we have more heat packs the weather is bound to warm up soon, right?
I'm plugging away at three quilts, though there isn't enough progress to share new pictures yet.
1. My husband's astro quilt is waiting for borders. I finally was inspired there but had to stop when I discovered I didn't have enough of the space print to do what I wanted. The quilt store was all out of it, though I had seen some there the previous week. After 45 minutes online I was about to give up searching when I found some. Yay! It came late this week but I was in the middle of something else at that point. Soon though!
2. My daughter's quilt is progressing more slowly than I had anticipated. All those heart blocks have seams that need matching with seams in other blocks, and I hadn't planned ahead to press in appropriate directions to help the seams nestle together. I'm figuring it out as I go along, making do where I have to but overall I'm able to make it work. It's just a slow process. 4 rows are made and joined togeher. Just half left to go.
3. My Kicking and Screaming quilt is almost done. Just one more side of the outer border to do and I can move on to binding. Pictures of the Pringles lid quilting will follow when the quilt is finally hung on the wall.
Now I'm off to waste more time, not quilting, but adding pictures of past projects to this blog - there are links to 2 new pages on the sidebar. I thought it would be interesting to have a record of what I've made all in one place. How do all of you keep track of how your hobby has evolved?


  1. What cute bags you made for your kids, and they are so useful! Sounds like you have a lot going, but at least you are staying on them. I checked out the link to the foot warmers, and I think I'll make one for myself; we have more cold weather coming this week so maybe that will help.
    I (try to) keep a journal of my quilts with pertinent information and pictures. However, I've been neglectful lately. I must get that up to date! Thanks for the reminder! Now, of course, I'm printing my blogs too, which is working out fine. ---"Love"

  2. Got to stay organized with kids. I know :)

  3. The bags are fantastic and I think it's great that you involved your kids in the fabric selection. I loved it when my mom let us help with stuff like that as kids.

    As for keeping track of quilts, I added a list of links to the sidebar recently for 2010 finishes, but I'm also working on a scrapbook of finished quilts (one per page with a little story of the quilt and hopefully some fabric scraps). I thought it would be interesting to see how much I actually finish in a year, but the scrapbook I'm sure will outlive my blog!

  4. The tote bags are great and it's really nice that your kids picked out their fabric. They certainly won't get mixed up with everyone elses bags. It's great, too, that they can display their buttons and badges. Accomplishments they can be proud of. Sounds like you are busy with your quilts. Keep working and they will be done before you know it.

    I just started a Flickr account to post pictures and information about my quilts. I'm hoping that will work out to document them. I've thought of doing a scrapbook, too. Since my mom does not have a computer (and does not want one) I can take a scrapbook to show her what I've done.

    Enjoy your quilting!

  5. Thank you for the link the the hot pack. Looks like a great project! I love the bags that you made with your kids and how personalized they are! I keep track of my quilts with a photo/scrap album. I take little swatches of fabric and glue them down with a picture and the info about who it was for/dates/etc. :) Christine


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