Monday, July 12, 2021

Ripples Cubed tester versions

I said I'd share my pattern tester's versions of Ripples Cubed last month, and here we are halfway through July already.  How did that happen?  Well, I know how it happened.  I'm not good at juggling competing priorities, so this ball got dropped. 

I'm picking up the ball today and will strive to do better!  Without further ado, here my testers' quilts. 

Tammy H. chose these beautiful batiks on a coordinating purple background. I love to see quilters play with different background options.  My quilt had a light background, but obviously dark works too!

How fun is Sandie's version?  This is a great example of how to make a design your own.  She wanted to use Batman fabric for a quilt for her grandson, so instead of using the amounts of 5 different fabrics listed in the pattern, she skipped ahead to the cutting directions, using the cut sizes listed but not the fabric distribution.  Those large blocks make me think of the "bat signal".  I hope her grandson loves his quilt!

Pamela D. Deringer was working from her stash, and didn't have enough yardage of some fabrics, so she also used the cutting instructions as a guide to cut pieces from what she had to make this pretty version. There you go:  Ripples Cubed can be a stash buster pattern!

Last, but not least, is Kathi Kivi's quilt. I absolutely love her fabrics.  There are metallic circuit boards and wires printed on those lovely jewel tones  The fabrics are great and I think Ripples Cubed showcases them perfectly.

I want to thank these quilters again for generously giving of their time test the pattern.  I produced a better pattern and released it with greater confidence thanks to their feedback.  Seeing their very different versions also confirmed that this design does indeed work for various fabric styles. 

Ripples Cubed is currently available in my Etsy shop as a PDF download.  I had a successful photo shoot for a print cover last week, so print copies will be available wholesale to shops soon!

Happy Quiltmg!