Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sparkling Thirties - Blogger's Quilt Festival 1st entry

Amy at Amy's Creative Side is hosting the Blogger's Quilt Festival again.  This year she has gone back to basics, with no categories and no voting, just a chance to be inspired by oodles of beautiful quilts of all sizes and styles.

I'm a little last minute with my contribution, as I couldn't decide what to share.  I've been working on quilting a new Wandering Geese all week, and I thought it might be fun to share the new version as the original was one of my early Blogger's Quilt Festival entries.  However, the quilting isn't finished so I chose my most recent finish instead.

Sparkling Thirties Quilt

Sparkling Trail in 1930's fabric had been sitting in a bin, unquilted, since February 2015. I really like how the top turned out, so why was it languishing in a bin? When I pulled it out this August to show different color options in my trunk show, I felt bad showing just a flimsy.  I didn't have time then to finish it properly but it moved up a few places on my priority list!

I think this sat unquilted for so long because I just couldn't quite decide how to quilt it. I have quilted every version of Sparkling Trails differently (you can see those here, here and here).   I thought I should do some free motion swirls or feathers on this one, but I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm to do that.  When I presented my trunk show this summer, I realized that most of my quits are quilted mostly with a walking foot (some have a few FMQ flourishes added in) and the audience really liked what I had done.  It reminded me that there's nothing wrong with straight line quilting. As long as it enhances the piecing, it doesn't matter if I used FMQ or a walking foot, especially it it gets me a finished quilt!

So, out came the flimsy, the walking foot and my hera marker to mark some straight lines.  I quilted in the ditch around all the triangles and borders, between the squares in the outer border, then added the diamond crosshatching.

This is a mini version of Sparkling Trail, just 30" x 36", but I didn't have appropriate yardage for even such a small back, so I used some scraps from the top to add some width. I think it turned out pretty cute.  I used scraps for the binding too.  I'm feeling very thrifty!

Pieced back of Sparkling Thirties

I have one more version of this quilt to quilt.  Maybe the black and red mini will get the swirls!  It is a little lower on my list though. I have Wandering Geese to finish, a reworking of Jelly Bean Stars clamoring for me to get started, two Lemoyne Star modern quilts in progress and some Anne of Green Gables fabric I'm itching to get to.  And some pattern writing to do in there somewhere.  I think the black and red one will be the 2018 Sparkling Trail finish!


  1. I like the quilting you did - don't apologize for doing walking foot lines. They're lovely and enhance the quilt very nicely.

    :) Linda

  2. This quilt is darling and the quilting is perfect for it. I love backs with scraps from the front - it looks planned. ~Jeanne

  3. The quilting is beautiful. I love walking foot lines.

  4. I think the quilting is appropriate for this one! Someday if you want you could always go back and add more quilting when you aren't rushed-like do something in every other diamond. Thrifty looks great on this backing and binding!

  5. Perfect backing I'd say! Right in keeping with the thriftiness needed in the 30s. So neat to see your quilt in another colourway and different feel of fabrics.

  6. All your quilting is awesome, so you don't need to apologize for anything. Straight lines aren't that easy to quilt and I don't know how you can do such perfect circles! I have to hand it to you for all your accomplishments!

  7. Fantastic choice for the quilting as it reflects the piecing so well. I really like this pattern and must make an effort to piece one - perhaps I'll call is Southern Stars Anne use Aussie fabric . . . .

  8. Very interesting. 30s fabric within a modern placement. Wonderful job on the quilting.

  9. Now this one I really love! The colors, the pattern, and your quilting! ---"Love"


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