Friday, August 8, 2014

156 HST

My quilting space is a little cluttered with non-quilty things at the moment.  They aren’t even my non-quilty things.  They will be cleared away by the time school starts next Thursday. After that I can spread out Vintage Sparkle and see about getting the borders sorted out, but in the meantime I needed a project to work on that didn’t need a lot of space.


Enter 156 bonus HST from Starlight Wishes (formerly known as Starlight Starbright until I realized there is a QAL by that name going on and sharing a name would just get confusing).  They needed trimming down to a uniform size.  Now I get to play with them to decided what exactly they will become.

I will say that whatever they become will be much smaller than the visions dancing in my head as I trimmed.  156 HSTs should give me a fairly substantial start to a project…except for the inconvenient fact that they are only 1.75” each!  The scale didn’t register in my brain until I consciously did the math.  My 156 HST will only yield about one 15” block, or 2-and-a-bit 10” blocks, or four 7.5” blocks…You get the picture!


  1. Itty bitty! That's mind boggling that they'd all disappear in a single 15" block.

  2. I am sure they would make a darling mini quilt or pillow. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  3. Wow - teeny tiny. They do look bigger in the photo!

  4. Pretty colors, as usual for you! I got into a similar situation a couple of years back with the corner scraps from that church circle quilt; I think I got two or three little doll quilts from that king-size quilt! Cute, but really not all that much fun. It is an exercise in patience! ---"Love"

  5. Hehe I am sure you will make them work!!! Have fun playing.

  6. Those will make a tiny little mini! I see pinwheels, maybe? Whatever you make, it will be really cute.

  7. 15"? Are you sure? (Asks the gal who just had to sew an extra 2 inches onto two borders because her math skills are so fabulous...) I'm sure you'll turn them into something amazing and fun. You threw me there a bit about school starting next week, but then I remembered what state you live in and the lightbulb went on. I have two aunts and an uncle, now all retired, who were teachers in the same state and had to have my wedding moved earlier in the year (thanks for that mom, it was 102 that day) so they could all come!


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