Monday, July 21, 2014

Taming scraps - again

Wait, didn’t I do this already?  I distinctly remember in January 2013 I attacked the scrap bin with the intention of cutting all those bits into useful sizes, à la Quiltville’s scrap user’s system.  By April I posted that the bin was empty!  I promptly used the bin for something else so I wouldn’t be tempted to let the untrimmed scraps pile up again.

I did pretty well for a while.  When I cut fabric for a project, I cut down the small leftovers right away.  I was very pleased with myself, yet somewhere along the way the scraps started reproducing.  All by themselves, I’m sure.  When I was tidying up my quilting corner last week, I found this:


I don’t remember tossing all those scraps in there.  Well, not that many, anyway.

So, I’ve been spending some time every day sorting and cutting these down.  At least this bin is smaller than the one I tackled last year! As you can see, I’m making progress: the piles of strings, strips, bricks and squares are growing and the level in the bin is going down.


Now I need to start a new project so I can put this bin to work storing the new project, hopefully depriving any new untrimmed scraps of breeding grounds.


  1. Ha, ha! You are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration...

  2. Scraps are very hard to keep up with! They are starting to collect in the camper as well, but I have been using some to make little quilts. Of course, it doesn't help that I ordered some scrap bags on line. I need some more variety for my Dear Jane quilt!

  3. Boy, do I need to do that! Not likely to happen anytime soon! ---"Love"

  4. If I can ever stop making scraps, maybe I will have time to tame them! Have fun with all of your scraps!

  5. Will you come and do mine when you've finished please. I'm doing a scrap challenge quilt and my scraps don;t seem to be reducing at all xxx

  6. Want to come visit me in Florida and tackle my multiple big bins of fabric scraps? I should just try and do a little bit each day for a month and see what happens.... maybe that will be my August challenge. =)


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