Sunday, July 13, 2014

It’s on the wall!

I just realized I never shared a picture of my completed Canada Quilt after I finished it in January.  I was waiting to get it hung on the wall.  My dad made a quilt hanger especially for it (thanks Dad!) and brought it on his recent visit.  Here it is, filling a space on the very plain wall at the top of the stairs.

Canada Quilt - designed, pieced and hand quilted by Joanne Kerton

It hangs straighter than I hoped for, which is nice.  I think when I get around to inserting a dowel into the little corner pockets on the back of the quilt that tiny ripple will be taken care of. 

Canada quilt detail collage

I’m so happy to finally enjoy this one out on display!


  1. It's gorgeous! Congrats on a terrific finish and the perfect place to hang it!

  2. The piecing is beautiful, and the quilting is fantastic! Glad you will get to enjoy it hanging, rather than packing it away somewhere. ---"Love"

  3. It looks fantastic. I forget about that little dowel trick sometimes. Now that you have jogged my memory, I need to get some dowels myself! ;-)

  4. Wow! This looks amazing. Your quilting is beautiful. What a sweet dad.

  5. I second the WOW! Love the quilting on this and the hanger is great. I need to figure out how to hand my log cabin now...... it is a double bed size going on a huge wall =).

  6. Not a plain wall anymore. It looks beautiful. the quilting is awesome. Lucky you getting that beautiful hanger.

  7. Beautiful! I'm glad to see it hanging after all we saw you put into it. It deserves a place of honor, for sure!


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