Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Presenting Sparkling Trail

It’s done!  Binding on and everything! (Oops, everything except a label.)  I’ve named it Sparkling Trail.  I named the pattern Sparkling Strings, because the original version used string stars, but as you can see there are no strings at all in this version, so it needed a new name.  Sparkling Trail

I debated quilting more heavily in the stars but I really wanted them to be floating in front of the spirals.  When I quilted too much in the stars they receded to the same layer as the background, so I decided to mostly stitch in the ditch, with just a bit of outline quilting.


For the borders I finally decided to quilt sets of 60 degree lines in the corners and join the corners with plain straight lines.  Once that was done I thought the plain straight lines looked a little stark, so I stitched a few sets of 60 lines randomly through them.  That broke up the border nicely and echoed the straight lines in the quilt.  I had trouble getting the full effect to show up in the photos though. They look more effective as a whole than in bits.  You can see a bit of it in the next picture.


The quilt measures 59” x 75”.  After much testing and editing and wrestling with diagrams, the pattern (featuring both string and no-string versions) will be available for purchase in my Craftsy store this week, after a last round of proofreading.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The pattern, renamed Sparkling Trail,  is now available in my online pattern shop.  Click on the "Pattern Shop" tab above to visit the shop.


  1. Neat. I really like the quilting effect. Yay that it's done!

  2. I was about to say "Simply Gorgeous!" Then I realized that it is indeed gorgeous but not so simply done. Your work is always beautiful, creative, and cheerful! Great job! ---"Love"

  3. Great quilt and I love the quilting you've done on it. Really effective xxx

  4. I love this. I'm currently quilting circles on a quilt and fully appreciate how much work that is. It is encouraging to see what an impact it makes. And the placement of the stars is fabulous.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! The quilt does have a great impact as a whole.

  6. Stunning as usual. I just love your style and color sense. Looks like I'll be visiting the Craftsy sight for a little shopping spree!

  7. Love it! And the border quilting - perfect as predicted.

  8. Great way to quilt a lovely quilt!


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