Friday, September 26, 2014

Starlight Wishes

Starlight WishesIt’s in the shop! (Click on the "Pattern Shop" tab above to visit.)  I finished the final edits to my Starlight Wishes pattern yesterday.  Thank you to my blog friend Deb for testing the pattern for me.

Deb has a way with color.  Her version of this quilt just pops.  She chose to make the quilt’s borders the same color as the background.  That made the prairie points float.  And her contrasting binding  does wonderful things too. I’m taking design notes!

Comparing Deb’s quilt with the version I made got me thinking about how fabric choices affect a design.  When I designed this quilt I had a particular picture in my mind and couldn’t see anything else.  Yesterday I went back into EQ and played with different colorways.

Look at these drawings:  same pattern, but very different quilts! (The first one is inspired by Deb’s but hers is better, go check it out!)

Floating points versionCW fabrics versionpurple version

I was surprised at how well it looked in Civil War reproduction fabric (middle quilt). It’s a reminder that stars are very versatile.  They can wear any fabric you throw their way.

The last quilt is a calmer one, which would suit some people better than my usual brighter ones!  Someone on a Facebook quilting group suggested it looks like a trellis and would look interesting with flowers and vines appliqued over it.  I’d have to brush up on my applique skills, but I can see it.

These last pictures are a blast from the past.  I thought you might like to see where the inspiration for Starlight Wishes came from. I never did finish the Kansas Dugout table topper on the left, but I saw stars in it and played with that idea in the doll quilt on the right.  Then I let it all simmer for 3 1/2 years until I needed to make a baby quilt this summer.  And there you have it.



  1. BEAUTIFUL quilt! Deb's version is stunning! I am always amazed at the difference fabric choices make in the very same quilt.

  2. I, too, am amazed how color can change a pattern. The quilts look great (I like the mini version!).

  3. Congratulations on getting it ready. I like all the versions, but I love the blue doll quilt a lot.

  4. So neat to see where your inspiration came from! Love that little blue quilt. My Mom wanted me to do the quilt in pastel colors and I still think it would look great in green and blue batik prints with a yellow background. Who know's maybe another one will be made with your pattern. I have a nephew that is getting married soon so babies are sure to follow in a year or two. =)

  5. Gorgeous! Another bright and happy pattern and doesn't it look great in all sorts of fabrics/themes?! Neat to see where it sprung from too.

  6. Congrats on a lovely pattern : )

  7. Color does make a big difference in how a pattern is portrayed. Fortunately, you've come up with a pattern that will work well with many color arrangements. Of course, I love blue and white, but I also love your bright colors, with the white OR black backgrounds! Very striking! ---"Love"


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