Sunday, September 28, 2014

Snowalong Week 1!

Snowflake 1 cropped square

Welcome to the Snowalong Sew-along!  The first snowflake pattern is ready to share and I’m excited to see what you create with it.

First, let’s review the Snowalong basics.

1. You don’t need to sign up.  Just download, sew and share.

2. I will write a blog post every Monday, today through November 3rd, sharing a link to one of my snowflake paper piecing patterns.

3. Each pattern will be available free of charge for two weeks.  Please note that the patterns are for your personal use. If friends would like a copy, please encourage them to come download their own copy. Thanks!  (The pattern link will stay active past the two week period for anyone who is late to the part and would like to purchase the pattern.)

4. Sew up as few or as many snowflake blocks as you wish.

5. Share! Every Monday starting next week, the weekly Snowalong post will include a “linky”.  Those of you with blogs can write a blog post about your snowflakes and share a link to them in the linky so we can all go admire your work.  If you have piecing tips to share, by all means include those too.  I’ll include instructions on how to link up in next weeks’ post.

6. Those of you without blogs can join the Snowalong Sew along Facebook group and share pictures and tips there.

7. Have fun! (This is an important one.)

Snowflake 1 version 1Snowflake 4 v4Snowflake 1 version 1Snowflake 1 version 2Snowflake 1 version 3Snowflake 1 version 4Snowflake 2 v1Snowflake 2 v2Snowflake 2 v3Snowflake 2 v4Snowflake 3 v1

OK, now for the technical “how to get the patterns” part

UPDATED June 23, 2019:  The patterns are now available for purchase as part of Snowflakes Sampler Set 1 or Snowflake Blocks Complete Set, both in my Etsy shop.  


Easy!  If you run into problems, email me or leave a comment and I’ll try to help.  Just remember that if you comment anonymously or are a “no-reply” blogger, I can’t reply privately.

Snowflake 1 version 1Snowflake 1 version 2Snowflake 1 version 3Snowflake 1 version 4Snowflake 5  v1Snowflake 6  v1Snowflake 6  v2Snowflake 6  v3Snowflake 6  v4Snowflake 7 v1Snowflake 7 v2

Finally, because we’re all chomping at the bit to get sewing, let’s talk about the pattern

1. The templates include a 1/4” seam allowance around each section.

2. Make sure to set the printing to “no scaling” or actual size.  The box on the template page should measure 1”.  If it doesn’t, the size and the seam allowances of the templates will be off.

3. Depending how you place your colors, you can make at least 3 different versions of the block.  There are diagrams showing you the 4 versions I came up with for this week’s pattern, but I’d love to see any others you come up with.

4. You'll need about 1/8 yard of white for the snowflake per block, and about 1 yard of background for every 5 blocks (1/8 yd per block is not quite enough, but 1/4 yd is much more than you need.)

5. Don’t feel you have to stick to blue and white!

6. You can use whichever paper-piecing method you like.  Come back on Tuesday if you would like to see the freezer paper method I am using.  And if you want to cut the templates apart for individual patch templates and then sew all those pieces together in the traditional way…you’re much more ambitious than me!

Snowflake 1 variations
One template design, 4 different snowflakes!
Button 7


  1. What a great idea to do a SAL! This will make the perfect winter quilt.

  2. Heading over to get the pattern now. I'm shooting for Wed AM to snowflake sew!

  3. I got the pattern,How i can print on paper.I don't see a pdf download.

    1. Ooops, I meant to reply in this box, not in a new comment. See the next comment for a reply.

  4. Sign in to your Craftsy account. On the left there should be a link called "My Patterns". Click on that. You should now see pictures of any patterns you have purchased. Move your mouse over the picture of the Snowflake block. You should see an arrow and the word "download" appear. Click on that or on the orange arrow below the picture.

    Here's the trickier part as far as helping you goes. I don't know which internet browser browser you use or how it deals with downloads or where your particular computer puts them. Using Firefox on my computer, I get a dialog box that aaks me what I want to do. I can choose "open", which opens the file, which I can view and then save to whichever folder I want it to live in on my computer. If I choose save, it downloads the file to a "Downloads" folder, where I can go find it and move it to wherever I want it to live.

    Once you have the file on your computer and you know where your computer has stashed it, you can just open it with any pdf reader (like Adobe) and print it.

    I hope this helps!

    1. I follow step by step can't find nothing to download the pattern.I have the pattern I need to download the image so I can make the paper copies.I have google chrome for browser ,and works good with adobe pdf.So I don't have any idea why I can find the download button on the picture ..I'm so frustrated ,cause I want to do the block..Oh my...Thanks for the help..

  5. I printed several copies this morning. I think a trip to the fabric store is in order to find a great background fabric!

  6. Oh how i wish i can print the template...

    1. Is the problem with the printing, or with getting the pattern off Craftsy and onto your computer? If it's a Craftsy issue, please contact the Craftsy help desk (scroll down to the bottom of any page on Craftsy to find a link). I have found them to be very helpful in the past.

  7. Ah JoAnn, I am intrigued by everything you do. Love the colors that you put together and love your designs. I have never tried paper piecing, but since I love snowflakes, AND your design, I'm trusting that I can figure this out. Download is completed. Fabric picked out. All I have to do is find a friend with a printer!!! (Too cheap to buy a printer for a free pattern:D)
    aschaefer24 at yahoo dot com

    1. I'm glad you're willing to give it try! I'm sure you'll figure it out. I'll share a tutorial for one method tomorrow. As far as printing goes, you might be able to print on public printers at your local libary for a small page fee.

  8. I want to sew along but have so much to do. I will definitely save the patterns and as soon as I can I will make me some snowflakes!

  9. Locked loaded and ready to sew ;) I had a surprise project pop up but that should be done today (has to be done today.....) and I am giving this the good old college try ;) Can't wait, have been looking at my newly displayed stash and have fabric all picked out!

  10. Don't know when I will get this made, but I am definitely saving the patterns. I already have several paper pieced snowflake patterns collected and recently purchased yard and yards of batiks to make them from whenever I get around to it! Lovely patterns--I have become a paper piecer in the past couple of years. Love the accuracy, but I still don't like picking out the papers! : )

  11. I wish I had stumbled upon your QAL when it first started. I'm going to download the free blocks now, and add the other ones to my Craftsy wish list so I can purchase them when I get paid from work. I will be making these, but will have to wait until I get some other projects finished first. Will post photos on FB when I get them done...maybe sooner than later!
    BTW...I LOVE your patterns! I just signed up to follow you here on Blogger, and also on Craftsy. I also sent a request to join your FB Snowflake QAL group.

  12. Your snowflakes are incredible. I love paper piecing and these would have been a fun QAL. I just found your blog but signed up right off to get your posts by email. I may try to purchase one now and then to get them all as they are so pretty. Thanks for sharing these great designs with your readers.

  13. Thanks Marsha! I've had a lot of fun playing with these. Though the sew-along is officially finished, I have kept the Facebook group open. Every now and then someone posts a completed snowflake project there.


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