Saturday, October 12, 2019

New patterns: Leftovers and Mostly Clear

Rosie wanted to let you know that the Mostly Clear pattern is now available in my Etsy shop.  You may remember I wrote about making the quilt in August.  Since then Kim Williams, Joanne Harris, Mary-Ann Vanner and Tina Fugate generously donated their time, effort and fabric to test the pattern for me.  I am very grateful for their help. It lets me release the pattern with confidence knowing it passed muster with independent quilters!

Mostly Clear by Canuck Quilter Designs

The pattern features strip piecing to speed assembly, and borders that come together in segments as the rows come together to avoid having to sew on long border strips. Last but not least, the part of the pattern that excites me most is the pressing direction guidance that lets you nest every single seam intersection for perfectly matched seams.

Rosie would also like to announce that there is now a pattern for the Leftovers table set, though I declined to let her pose on the placemats.

As I mentioned in September, these were a great cheerful pick-me up project in a grey, dreary spring. There's nothing like digging through a bin of colorful scraps to lift my spirits.  That said, I realize not everyone has scraps to paw through (though I'm sure those people are just beginning their quilting journey and will soon have a respectable scrap stash).  It also occurred to me that not everyone likes to cut and sew many small pieces.

Enter the strip pieced, less scrappy version:

Five prints and a background let you make 6 matching placemats and a runner.  I really love the blue prints I chose for this set.  I really need to finish binding the other 5 placemats!

The pattern includes instructions for both the super scrappy version and the strip-pieced version.  Thank you to Joanne Harris and Carol Andrews for testing and proof reading the pattern.  Thanks to them you'll know you have enough fabric for your binding!

Both  Leftovers and Mostly Clear are now available to purchase as PDF downloads in my Etsy shop at a special introductory price.  Enjoy 50% off the regular retail price through Friday, October 18th, 2019.  If you prefer a print copy, please ask your favorite local quilt shop to order it in for you from Checker Distributors or by emailing me directly.


  1. Both the quilt and the placemats are beautiful! If I were not already snowed with unfinished projects, I might decide to try the quilt. The directions you included sound great! ---"Love"

  2. Your Mostly Clear quilt is lovely! I'm interested that the instructions are so complete to include pressing directions. I love that! Would it be difficult to figure out how to make it a bit larger with more blocks?

  3. Oh, those blues are so pretty! You have designed some gorgeous patterns!

  4. I’m just now completing my final summer quilt project, clearing the way for some small makes, starting with these placemats! I can’t wait to freshen up my table! I love Mostly Clear! I can see it made with all my blue scraps and being just as pretty! Not as quick as strip piecing, though!

  5. What a beautiful quilt and table runner and mat set. Love it in blues.

  6. Rosie makes an adorable model, and your quilt is beautiful.
    Very clever use of "Leftovers", too.


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