Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Moving things around

I have been moving things around, and I don't mean on the design wall. 

My sewing and work space has slowly been running out of storage space and becoming cluttered.  I don't function well in clutter. Something had to be done, but I couldn't figure out what.  I have limited space, especially now that my husband is working from home.  Wednesday evening, as I was working on a pattern and getting distracted by the mess, it occurred to me to get a measuring tape and check to see if the cutting table really was too big to move to the center of the room.

Ha!  I don't know why I didn't try this before.  I always assumed it was too big and would make moving about the room awkward.  I never actually tried it or measured to see.  I measured on Wednesday evening, and informed my half-awake husband of all of my fine new plans at 12:30 a.m. when I slipped into bed.  I waited until daylight Thursday morning to actually start hauling the furniture around.  It turned out the table fits in the center just fine. I now have access to 3 1/2 sides of the table for cutting and basting.  Woohoo!

The part I'm even more excited about is the extra wall space liberated for added shelving. I was able to order two more shelving units to match my existing ones, though that took a bit of online browsing.  They were sold out on several sites I searched.  Maybe I'm not the only one trying to tidy up and organize my space before winter and cabin fever sets in.  The shelving isn't fancy, or super pretty, but it is tidy and organized and affordable. It also fits exactly along the length of wall, as though it was meant to be.

Moving the table did require relocating a small bookcase to my husband's half of the room, but I wanted to keep the contents easily accessible on my side, so I added  a new cubby storage unit. The books fit easily, with extra space left for things that are more usefully stored closer to the cutting and ironing surface.  I was even able to attach the extension arm I plan to use to photograph (and maybe video?) tutorials.  

There's room for Rosie's bed, but she is not a fan of change.  She seems to not be happy that it has moved, and she is spending more time on the chair, under the printer, or just random spots on the floor as you see above.  She's sighing a lot and giving me dirty looks.

I, however, am thrilled with the changes.  I feel refreshed and ready to attack a long list of sewing and pattern writing tasks.  First on the list is finishing the binding on my quilt for the Love and Kisses blog hop. You can see it on the table, waiting patiently.  My stop on the tour is this Friday, so I'm not late yet.  Next up after that is a tutorial on using paper templates with rotary cutters. That's been in the plans for months now, and I just need to stop thinking about it and just make it.  As you can see on the design wall, my temperature quilt is in serious need of attention.  It hasn't progressed past the end of August!  What can I say, things got busy here even if the blog hasn't been!

What are you up to on this fine December day? 


  1. It looks so neat and tidy, I wanna come over and play! I understand about clutter being distracting. I can do some, but after a while, it needs to go. Particularly if it is a game of move everything to get to the cutting table and then move it again to get to the ironing board! I hope the motivation it has generated can keep up with your to-do list - I'll be watching!

  2. Good for you! I know you will enjoy the changes! As I was reading about moving the table to the middle of the room, I was thinking ---now she needs to get some bed risers to lift the table. Then when I got to the last picture, I saw that you have taken care of that. I'm envious of all your storage. I have lots, but there's so much 'junk' that I need to get rid of. Also my sewing room doubles as my 'entertainment of guests' space, and also it is surrounded on three sides by windows or doors. So I can't put shelves like yours. Have fun with your new set up, Girl! ---"Love"

  3. Your 'new' space looks great and I can how it would be inspiring.

  4. Amazing transformation of your sewing space! Not only that, but nice increase in storage and all organized as well. I'm so envious. Enjoy working in your new inspiring space.

  5. How lovely to find space! And use that wall space. The place looks terrific.

  6. I really love your Blog setting!!! I tried to find a new one (forced into it by their problems) but yours is stunning - love the red!! Your space looks great. Are you ready for a trip to the Bahamas? Hugs

  7. Your re-arrangement looks great! Isn't it amazing how much more motivating a fresh space can be?


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