Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

I bought this charm pack (Me and My Sister Favorites from moda) on impulse thinking it would make a lovely spring and summer throw. Oddly enough I was thinking along the lines of snowball blocks, but it's just a name right? It doesn't mean I'm pining for snow again already!

A double dose of second thoughts kicked when I got home. First, there just isn't enough fabric there for a throw. Second, I'm currently hand quilting two tops, have a third in line, and all the fabric cut up and partially pieced for a fourth, not to mention the swap blocks coming my way. Do I really want another top in the queue? I'm getting a bit discouraged as it is about the patiently waiting tops pile.

So, I changed gears and decided on another table runner. I have another gift occasion coming up and this will do nicely. Of course the decisions didn't end there. What pattern? I spent a week musing, made a firm decision, then the next week I started waffling again. Perhaps rows of flying geese instead? Actually, that would look great in these fabrics...but I went back to my original decision and promptly cut fabric before I could change my mind again.

The block is from the quilt "Kansas Dugout" by Nancy Brenan Daniel in the book "Creative Scraps: Quilting with Bits and Pieces".

The blocks came together very quickly. But wait, I still have decisions to make! I need opinions please! Should I make the runner version, or the square table topper/centerpiece instead? Either way I'm thinking of a thin white inner border then a wider border in similar fabrics.

I do have one small finish from the past couple of weeks. I quilted and bound the table runner I showed last time, all the while hating it. The binding really pulled it together though. It's now on my coffee table and it really belongs there. I'm going to have a tough time giving it away after all!


  1. I LOVE the blocks! Those fabrics are fantastic and I was hoping you'd say you didn't know what to do with them so I could suggest you send them to me. :( They're so springy and bright, who couldn't love them? As for layout, I think I like the table runner version better. It reminds me of bows on a kite string.

  2. I'm with you...the table runner belongs there! Do you have time to make another gift?

    The new fabrics are fabulous too. Hmm...You have another problem here. My vote is for the square table topper. It would seem that you are going to have to collect all the votes!

    And you just had to mention another book, huh?

  3. The tablerunner you just finished is beautiful, I love the blues. It will be a hard one to give away.

    On the arrangement of your blocks, both ways look great, I kinda like the tabletopper version. The fabrics are so pretty together.

  4. I'm a bit confused; why on earth did you not like the aqua/brown table runner? It is lovely! On the new blocks, I vote with Mary for the table topper too; love the pattern, and it's new to me. (The colors remind me of my Summer Sherbet quilts from last year.) ---"Love"

  5. I like both, so I guess I am no help at all! :) Theri

  6. So pleased you went with the Kansas Dugout block - it looks fantastic! I saw those fabrics in a quilt magazine and wondered how they would look made up. I can see why your teal/chocolate runner is a keeper. I love it! Ann :-)

  7. Had to come by and say hello.....Hello;) I am putting your block package together tonight and will get it off in the mail tomorrow. First time I've slowed down since April 1st;)
    I like the square version of the table topper you are working on. Oh, and I love the brown and blue table topper. I would make another one;)
    Happy Quilting!!!


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