More blooms

As usual, it is taking me longer to finish a quilt top than I anticipated.  However, today I finally finished all the blocks for this flower quilt.

I work tomorrow, so this will sit on the design wall for a few days.  That's probably a good thing.  It will give me time to ponder the color distribution. There are a few blooms I would like to move, but then that bumps something else, which results in two blooms of the same color being side by side....  In the end, I might leave it as is...or I might have a stroke of inspiration and change something around.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying more blooms in the garden.

I do not know why the trumpets of the daffodils are three different colorations.  They were all the same last year and the year before!

Also a few scattered tulips.  We have lots of greens, but the bulbs are on their last year, I think, with many producing leaves but no blooms. We lost track of time last fall and didn't get new bulbs planted.

Then we have the volunteer blooms.  Oops.  I'm sure there were not this many last year!  Part of me says "Oooh, pretty yellow carpet!".  The other part of me says "Give it a day or two and the blooms will wilt and all you'll see is UGLY!"  So we have started pulling dandelions, one small section at a time.  We hesitate to use weed killer since the Rosie dog roams free in the fenced back yard.

We have a lot of these pretty violets in the lawn too.  And you can see the clover there too...Sigh.  Individually it's all pretty.  Take it all together and it looks a messs :(

Maybe I'll stick to looking at each individually!


  1. I love the flower quilt--so fun and cheerful!

  2. The quilt turned out great! Very happy!
    Oh, I love daffies with peachy-coral tints. I used to have some of those very ones, but they are gone now.
    That is a LOT of work to get rid of dandelions by digging!

  3. I don't see which ones you want to move around they look perfect and quite lovely the way they are.

  4. Ooh - those flowers are cute! The real ones are quite nice, too.

  5. Your blooms are so pretty both in nature and your quilt! Ok maybe not those yellow ones in the grass, LOL

  6. Your flower quilt is beautiful, and I love your color arrangement just as it is. Your yard flowers are lovely too. I think I have some (a lot) of those little yellow ones too. I need to do something about them also. ---"Love"

  7. I seriously love this quilt!!!! You have done a beautiful job, both in design and arrangement.

  8. The quilted blooms look beautiful the way you have the colors arranged Joanne!
    The garden blooms are beautiful too! Just tell yourself that clover is really good for lawns, because it enriches the soil with nitrogen. LOL

  9. Your flower quilt is wonderful, I love all the cheerful colors. Your flowers are also very pretty!

  10. I love the layout for your blocks. They are beautiful.

  11. Well you do know purple goes with yellow, so look at it that way, lol! Funny I saw a carpet of what I at first thought were small daffodils all in one corner of someone's lawn today, and then realized, nope, those are dandelions! Now why can't we see their beauty too? Brady, as only an innocent child can, loves them. :-) I love the flower quilt! The colours seems pretty good right now; totally been there, done that with the moving things around causing more issues.

  12. The flower quilt is going to be lovely! Is it a new design of yours? We are working on our yard too and I'm happy that the clematis that I planted last year has bloomed - last year it didn't do anything. Some plants are sprouting buds too. Yea!

  13. Lovely blooms - all of them! I have the same problem and spend hours moving blocks around only to end up putting two the same together. Sigh.

  14. What a beautiful quilt! Can't wait to see if you decide to move things or keep them. I'd look at things individually..... that way they are pretty! Enjoy your week.


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