Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fast-forward yet another season

Yesterday I brought you fall, today I'm ploughing ahead to winter!

As you can see, we're talking snowflakes again!  Snowdreams includes templates for foundation paper pieced snowflakes in two sizes (9" or 12"), resulting in two finished size options for each of the two designs.  You can make any of them a table topper or a Christmas tree skirt. This pattern involves 60 degree triangles (paper template included) and the second design (green on the cover) also uses paralellograms.  Don't worry, these are not complicated, and I include trimming tips so you can line up the shapes without fuss.

Hoarfrost  uses 12" snowflakes.  As always, my snowflake templates included trimmed tips to help line up pieced sections easily, and suggested fabric cutting for the paper piecing.  Don't be intimidated by the pieced border.  There is no paper piecing here, just "stitch and flip" corners.  The pattern includes tips to help the pieced border fit properly.

I need to take new pictures of Hoarfrost.  The blues are really not quite that electric!  This is a better look at the color.

 I also have tester quilts to share!

Sisi Quilt's version

I first met Debbie (Sisi Quilt) through the Snowalong I hosted last year. I'm so glad she is still enjoying these snowflake projects. Her version really sparkles!

Rachael's version

Rachael administers the Quilting and Quilters Facebook group I belong to, and has recently started blogging at Dab a Little.  Rachel considers herself a beginner quilter and hesitated to try this quilt.  I'm so glad she jumped in.  Didn't she do a great job?

Sandy's version

Sandy gave me a lot of valuable feedback about the pattern.  Check out her blog post about making Hoarfrost.  She discusses some of the tools she likes to use to make some tasks easier.  I'm going to be taking a wooden clothespin apart before my next paper piecing project!

Thanks also to Deb from Happy to be Scrappy and Ann Genaske who both had life interfere with their sewing plans (we all know how that goes!) but still managed to send me useful feedback on Hoarfrost.

Thank you also to Cindi of Stitchin at Home and Carla Czerwinski for each testing one version of Snowdreams and providing useful insight and suggestions.

Carla's version

Cindy's version

These patterns are all available as PDF downloads in my Craftsy shop and Payhip shop, or wholesale to quilt shops through distributors Checker or Brewer or by emailing me directly (joanne at canuckquiter.com).


  1. Beautiful snowflake either made as tree skirt, table topper or in a quilt

  2. Such pretty designs. I really enjoy seeing everyone's lovely creations from your patterns.

  3. Well, you've done it again, and this is only Tuesday of this week! I love all your snowflake projects, but I know I could never do them justice. I do really enjoy seeing the results of your brain activity, and also your hands! Again, I'm amazed. ---"Love"

  4. Thank you for allowing me to test your Snowflake topper pattern.

  5. Wow! Developing that beautiful pattern must have taken up a lot of time. It's beautiful!

  6. Your winter patterns are beautiful! Congrats.

  7. I'm looking forward to making a new tree skirt with your amazing snowflakes!

  8. Oh, the snowflakes are so pretty. Your patterns are wonderful!

  9. More fantastic patterns. Those snowflakes are almost a signature design for you.

  10. The testers quilts came out beautiful! Love seeing how the different values of fabric really make the quilts appear different. Hopefully I'll have a pretty top by the end of the month =)

  11. Super patterns, Joanne! Having made hmm, 7 snowflakes, every one of the patterns, and I think 2 versions of one of them, I can say how they interested me once again in paper-piecing. I especially love the freezer paper no tearing (ha and no TEARS from your eyes either) method. The testers did you proud. Love the design of your pattern copies too!


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