Sunday, April 10, 2016

Presenting "Blaze"

Just in time for spring: a fall pattern!  I've observed that quilters often start seasonal projects far ahead of time to have them ready in time for those seasons, so I'm making the pattern available early.  Remember, I'm early,  not several months late.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

You may remember this quilt as a "squirrel" on my design wall last fall. The design had been simmering, in different colors and using different blocks, for quite some time but wasn't quite ready.   These fabrics came home and started clamouring to be made into a quilt. Once the design and the fabric met, the quilt almost made itself!

I wrote the pattern with three size options:  small throw (44" x 60"), large throw (51" x 75") and twin (64" x 91").  Each one has the same layout, just different size units.  For those who like to nest their seams, the pattern includes pressing directions for every seam where direction will assist with nesting.

Thank you to the generous quilters who volunteered to test the pattern for me.  Between them, they tested all three sizes so I can be confident that the measurements I give are accurate and that my directions are clear.  They offered useful suggestions, and you can thank them for persuading me to add a paper piecing tutorial page for piecing the largest leaf tip unit!

Here are their versions of Blaze:

Terilyn's version

Terilyn Kennedy is a longarm quilter.  You can see her beautiful work on her Facebook page, Stitchin'Post Quilting Studio.  I am eager to see how she will quilt Blaze!

Kathleen's version

 Kathleen Ely made this version.  Hers has an added feature: the bottom section of background is a different fabric.  The top sections suggest forests, and the bottom suggests underbrush.  That may be my fault - the initial fabric amounts I had listed fell short, and she didn't have enough of the first fabric.  In this case it worked out, but this highlights why I appreciate my testers so much!  I'd hate to have released the pattern with that error in it!

Cindy's version

Thank you to Cynthia Roberts for this version.  I like that background!

Judy's version

Judy blogged about her version twice!  Read about piecing the top here and see close-ups off all that lovely quiltting here.   You can see she added a bit of length to the zigzags and tumbled the leaves to make the quilt her own.

I think this design would work well with other quilt block designs too.  Kathleen mentioned that she liked making just the five blocks - just enough to learn something, but not a large time commitment.  How about blues and silvery grays paired with my paper pieced snowflakes for a winter version?  Or a flower block for summer?  Or five different blocks for a modern sampler?

The pattern is now available as PDF download in my Craftsy shop and in my Payhip shop.  If you prefer a printed version, your favourite quit shop can order from Checker or Brewer distributors.


  1. It looks terrific. I really like your designs. And I think it's the perfect time to start working on a Fall quilt. ;-)

  2. You amaze me! You come up with such unusual and pretty patterns! Seems like every day or two you have something new. I envy your speed, and more so, your creativity. This one is very striking, in all the different colors. ---"Love"

  3. Wow! Those came out great. Love the ideas of changing out the blocks to make whole new quilts.

  4. Congratulations on your pattern release. It is a beautiful quilt.

  5. I agree with Love! I'm not sure how you get these designed along with other things. I really want to make something of yours, but where to start? Table runner? Snowflake topper???? I guess it will have to go on my list.

  6. Blaze is a beautiful quilt. I like that this pattern allows the maker to make it theirs with just a couple little changes.

  7. To me, the sign of a good pattern is one that looks great no matter what colours or fabric style the maker chooses. All thes versions are fantastic. What a string design. I think we'll be seeing your work in magazines again soon at this rate.


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