Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't Panic!

Presenting Don't Panic, the quilt formerly known as Astro Quilt.  You may recall this one is for my astronomer husband.  Since I have no imagination at all when it comes to naming my quilts, he was charged with naming it himself before he could take possession of it.  He came up with a few obscure astronomical terms but decided it was a fun quilt and deserved a whimsical name.  Split Infinitive was a contender (a rather geeky reference to Star Trek, ask me if you want to know more), but last night after I finished binding the quilt "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" came up in conversation and the catch phrase "Don't panic" won out.  It seems appropriate, since I had a few early setbacks working on this one, and hubby can always go hide under it when grant proposals or whatever other work stresses pile up.

I had planned to finish this one quickly by tying it, but decided to hand quilt it instead.  The whole  background is quilted with patterns like you see above.  I'm quite pleased with the way it tuned out, even though it took a few months longer than anticipated to finish.

I even like the back.  Piecing the back wasn't planned.  When I decided to add borders the quilt grew bigger than the backing fabric I had bought, so I added scraps from the front. The quilting pattern really pops on the back.  The green is brighter in person than I managed in the photos, so it's really quite a striking, cheerful backing.

So now my UFO list looks like this:

1. Astro quilt - all quilted, just needs binding!
2. Mom's table runner and placemats - add borders and quilt
3. Hearts quilt - still quilting, still quilting...
4. Swap blocks quilt - add borders and prairie points then set aside till my freemotion skills improve
5. Leaf quilt - add prairie points and quilt (machine or hand? haven't decided yet)
6. Whimsy - lots of piecing still
7. Hawaiian quilt pillow - started this in 1995 and found it again just today!


  1. It looks fantastic, great job. Always nice to a UFO taken off the list.

  2. Wow, what a fantastic quilt. Your hand quilting is beautiful, and I love the pieced backing. Well done!


  3. Very nice! I love the stars and the background fabric. Your backing is very creative too, and your quilting stitches are very nice! Anyone would be glad to own that one. ---"Love"

  4. Hitchhikers Guide is fantastic! Still makes me laugh after all these years. Your DH chose well and it's a terrific quilt. Nice work on the quilting and pieced backing. Ann :-)

  5. OMG, I so love that quilt! It is so bright and cheery. Great work!


  6. Wonderful quilt! I love the brights and the hand quilting looks fantastic. I'mno good with naming quilts either (they end up with "Ella's quilt" or "Ethan's quilt"...), but I like the idea of having the recipent name it...and the quilt to hide under when grant proposals get ugly...hmmm...can I bring it to work with me? (Do you think the boss could find me?!)

  7. Great quilt. Your hand quilting is also wonderful. I love the bright colors and the back is truly imaginative. Connie204

  8. Love the colors you used in your quilt, it is so bright! I bet it almost glows in the dark! Love the creative backing, too. It really ties in with the front of the quilt and makes it really interesting. I'm sure your husband loves it. Now, on to the next item on the list.

    I think I will finish up my Scout quilt right after the wedding gift is finished. I'll post some pictures and tell the story that goes with it.

  9. I love the name of the quilt!!! Hitchhiker's Guide is one of our favorite movies. And the back looks like the movie does when it is talking about the book;) Good stuff;)
    Just remind your hubby to remember his "towel';)
    Happy Quilting!!

  10. When I read the title I knew it had to come from that movie/book! I love that movie!! Where's your towel? heheeh.

    The quilt is stunning and the hand quilting is really amazing. I'm sure your hubby is loving it :)


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