Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prairie points

I started making prairie points for this quilt top that has been waiting its turn for about  a year now. 

I cut out paper squares of various sizes and folded them to audition sizes, then cut 86 4-inch squares out of 14 fabrics leftover from making the leaves. The squares are folded twice on the diagonal to make tidy little triangles.

Next I started to lay them out along the edge of the quilt.

Next, thunderstorms came rolling through again. It was the 3rd night in a row, and they go on for hours, and after 7 years in the Midwest they still wake me up. I'm getting a bit cranky from reduced sleep... Anyway,  I didn't want to leave my machine plugged in during the storms so the points didn't actually get sewn to the quilt.  They got picked up and put away so the kids could curl up down here if the storms turned severe. 

For those of you not in the Midwest, severe refers to damaging winds and/or hail.  Last night's storms weren't "severe" but coupled with the previous two nights of heavy rainfall they caused two rivers to overflow their banks and cause record flooding in parts of town.  Happily we're OK where we are, though currently we have no running water (the kids looked at me very srangely when I told them not to flush the toilets...)

So easy cooking tonight - sandwiches and whatever doesn't create dishes to wash :)  And as long as the power stays on to keep the A/C running to keep the heat at bay (105 F/41 C with the humidity factored in) I can keep quilting. There aren't supposed to be any storms tonight...


  1. another storm is on it's way, we got hit in MT badly yesterday, and not as badly the previous days. Todays was small so by the way it's been going it'll be big for you =)

  2. The prarie points are a perfect finish. I love the colors along the green borders. It is a beutiful quilt!

    I remember the severe storms in the midwest, I grew up on a farm in central Illinois. Glad this wasn't one of them but sorry to hear about the heat! Hope the electricity stays on and the A/C continues to work! ! !

  3. I spent some time in the Orient...typhoons were what rolled in and kept us awake at night. We get thunderstorms here in NM, but most of the time they are far away.
    Love the quilt....the prairie points look like fun;)
    Glad you are not dealing directly with the flooding.
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. You folks are having some wild weather. Glad you are safe and dry. That is a gorgeous quilt and the prairie points really give it that extra pizazz. ann...

  5. I love the prairie points! They are perfect and the more of them I see, the more I know they're going to end up in a quilt of mine soon. I hope the storms ease up!

  6. The prairie points look great and really add to the quilt. I'm about 60 miles south of Chicago and we've had some downpours but nothing too bad. The only thing is the heat and humidity. Itfeels like your stepping into a sauna. I'm glad your A/C is working and you guys are OK. Try and stay cool. Connie204

  7. I love the colours in your autumn leaves quilt, which will be stunning with the addition of the prairie points.

    We have experienced some fierce storms this summer, including a recording-breaking hailstorm last month. Hope your water problem has been restored.


  8. The prairie points look like fallen leaves all around the quilt; a perfect ending! What name are you giving to the quilt? "The Falling Leaves" would be perfect! It is truly lovely. ---"Love"

  9. Wow the storms sound awful! I'm glad that you are OK and I hope you get your water back on soon.

    I love your autumn leaves quilt and the prairie points look like falling leaves. Beautiful!


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