Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quilting temporarily on hold…

…while I indulge in a different obsession!

I haven’t knitted in a long time but my daughter overheard me tell a friend about the lovely yarns in a new yarn store that just opened in town.  Guess what she put under the tree for me?
Is this what is called self-patterning yarn?  It looks like I’ve put a great deal of effort into changing colours every half inch or so, but it just knit up that way straight from a single skein.  This could be addictive!  I’m also just tickled that this thing is actually starting to look like a sock.  I’ve never tried socks before.  I found this free pattern (“Wise Hilda’s Basic Ribbed Sock” by Kate Atherley) on and so far the instructions have seemed straightforward.
Somehow, I remember socks knitting up faster when my grandmothers knit them.  That partial sock is the result of about 10 hours of obsessed knitting!  Also, Wise Hilda claims this pattern is “more interesting…than a plain sock but not so interesting that you have to pay attention”.  Well, ummm, I guess that would be for the more experienced knitters!  I’ve needed to pay plenty of attention, and have had to unravel when I didn’t!
I’ll be back to quilting soon.  Santa’s helper gave me a new book about machine quilting, my current challenge, so once the socks are finished I’ll be making up a tall stack of practice quilt sandwiches.  But right now, that yarn is calling again…


  1. Oh, love that yarn! It is knitting up into a really interesting pattern. How fun would it be to reinterpret in fabric! (Groan, please, no more ideas!)


  2. That sock is fantastic! It does look like you put a lot of effort into it, which you never need to tell anyone you didn't, right? Learning to knit is on my someday list because I've seen too many fantastic socks. Your daughter is one lucky gal!

  3. Very cute, I love the way it is coming together!

  4. That yarn works up wonderfully. I remember my mother used to knit Argyle socks and she used to fly through them, even with tons of colors. Funny, I just picked up knitting needles again after a few years. I guess I'm going to have to look for a yarn store. Great looking socks. Connie204

  5. Cool stuff!! I love yarn, but have never really gotten into using it. Have fun making them!!
    Happy Knitting!!

  6. That's fantastic wool! I've never knitted socks. Sounds tricky. Enjoy! Happy New Year, Ann :-)

  7. How beautiful! There is nothing like hand made socks!
    All the best in the New Year!♥

  8. What fantastic yarn. You will have a great looking pair of socks in no time. Happy New Year.



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