Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Fall

Fall arrived last Saturday according to the calendar and it didn’t take long for the trees to dress up appropriately.  The photos in my new header are from my afternoon walk.  I think all this fall colour is earlier than usual here in Iowa due to the stress from the drought. It is awfully pretty though.  There seems to be greater variety in the shades of yellow, orange and red than usual.

IMG_6264There’s a touch of fall in the sewing room too.  I’m still working on those drunkard’s path blocks in rich fall fabrics.  I completed 20 and rearranged them on the design wall. Yesterday I added this leaf block to the mix.  I then decided that I really want the finished quilt to be a bit bigger so today I cut fabric for 20 more drunkard’s paths.  It sounds like more than “a bit” but it just adds a row of blocks all the way around. I’m getting to the bottom of the bin of fall-themed and fall-coloured fabric stash, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do for borders

Tonight I’m going to go curl up on the couch to quilt on Whimsy.  I am hoping to make enough progress on it that I can update my progress chart and actually notice a change!


  1. Love the autumn leave block. Have been going thru old posts, you have been very busy and I love all the autumn coloured projects. Autumn is my favourite season.

  2. The colors are beautiful this year. I noticed that yesterday on the way home from work - they seem to have changed overnight! Maybe this is nature's way of making it up to us for the drought? But the bottom of a fabric bin? Heaven forbid! You'll have to go shopping! I'm curious to see your arrangement of blocks. I'm sure it will be creative and stunning and wonderful!

  3. Very pretty block! I love Fall leaves!


  4. Beautiful pictures, and gorgeous leaf block! Sounds like you have a good plan for tonight; now if life just doesn't get in the way! ---"Love"

  5. I love the fall colors that we have seen in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, etc.! Now if I could only figure out how to put them on my blog header that would be neat. When I get home, I'll try to do that. If I can't figure it out, I may email you for help. Can't wait to see your drunkard's path blocks! You have been very industrious!

  6. I am so dumb!!! Blogger dropoped some of the blogs I followed and I just thought, oh she's busy. Today it popped into my head that maybe I lost you. Yep that is what happened. I am going to go back and see what you are up to. Now I have to go see who else I lost. :(


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