Monday, March 18, 2013

Will they, won’t they?

I have assembled and cut to size the inner borders for Kyoto Garden.  I spent an afternoon measuring the quilt, and the pieced outer borders, and checking the math. Theoretically the inner borders should fit just so, allowing the outer pieced squares on point to line up just so.


Unfortunately the last minute measurements I made today don’t match the ones I made two days ago.  I’m not sure which ones are actually right.  Did I stretch things then or not smooth things out well today?  Grump.

If my seam allowances were all absolutely perfect then this wouldn’t be an issue, but unlike some people who claim they can always cut the borders to the pattern’s mathematically correct dimensions because they always sew perfect seams, I know I have variations.  Just a thread or two multiplied across several seams can add up!  I try, but there’s usually some variation in those seams!

So will my borders fit or won’t they?  Can you tell I’m procrastinating finding out?


  1. I'm betting you will be pleasantly surprised with a perfect fit, just as I was surprised on my Underground Railroad Border a while ago. Yours looks like it should work! So what if you have to fudge just a little somewhere? It's going to be a gorgeous quilt! ---"Love"

  2. Stop agonizing! Sew the damn border together (I think it will fit perfectly, by the way). None of my quilts are perfect and there are lots of things a "perfect" quilter could pick out right away. I don't worry about it as long as the quilt is pretty! And that is a pretty quilt!


  3. Like Love said, if you have to fudge a little, do it. Or chop it off if it's too long. It gives the quilt character - or so they say! It sure looks good. It is so frustrating when measurements change overnight!

  4. defintely go ahead. Is anyone really perfect? If I had a dollar for every measurement that changed I could retire tomorrow. As we say here - suck it and see!

  5. It's going to be fine. Deep breath and sew! Just lock the door so the Quilt Police can't get in!

  6. I know...if when you get the two borders on and if the corner piece doesn't fit "just right" you could change the width of the blue piece to fit. If someone walks up to your quilt with a ruler, ask them if they want to come live with you so they can double check all of your work as you go. As my husband tells me, if they get that close, then they are just too close.
    Happy Quilting!!


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