Friday, April 5, 2013

252 units on the wall

Wednesday and Thursday I sewed and sliced, tore away paper and snipped dog ears.  Once that was done I could play. This is nice example of why designing with quilt design software will always be just a starting point for me.  It’s great to try out a lot of ideas but at some point I have to see the design in actual size for the final tweaking.


The layout on the left seemed perfect to me when printed out on an 8 1/2”x11” piece of paper.  Once the life sized fabric version was up on the wall, it just didn’t seem quite right.  Almost there but not quite.  I am much happier with the layout on the right. 

All those units still need to be sewn together but now that I know what it will look like I feel much less obsessed about it! I’ll get around to it a bit at a time.  I still have to ponder which directions to press the seams for optimal construction…

IMG_6555Just for fun, here’s a peek at the paper and dog ear debris 192 triangle squares left behind this week.

Out of curiosity, I also kept track of my time.  From when I started cutting the fabric to when I completed the layout on the right, I’ve spent 13.5 hours on this quilt so far.  Now I rather wish I had kept track with other quilts to see how they compare, time-wise.  Geeky of me, I know!


  1. Very pretty and love the colors.


  2. I like the second layout better too, but I see nothing wrong really with the first. Your work is always so precise! It will be a gorgeous quilt. I started out long ago to keep up with my time, but I'm so slow now, it's not worth the effort! ---"Love"

  3. The second layout is my preference. I really like the colour play in this quilt. Your *leftovers* are quite substantial. It's quite an involved process when you add up all those minutes.

  4. That sure seems like it came together fast, but it was worth the time. I love it! Is keeping track of time like counting the pieces? Better left un-done!

  5. I like the layout on the right, also. The layout on the left feels like the star is floating off the edge of the quilt. Just my thoughts on the matter;) I would never have the guts to count how long it takes me to get something accompished...I would have to get out a calander and add months together ;p
    Happy Quilting!!


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