Sunday, June 23, 2013

It’s been how long?

I’ve been meaning to sit down and sew for a while now but somehow didn’t until tonight.  When I flicked the switch on the machine and it didn’t turn on, I noticed that it was unplugged.  Gasp!  Is that legal?  That is when I realized I have not sewn since I brought the machine back downstairs after quilting Love’s quilt upstairs on the kitchen table.  That was a month ago.  No wonder I was starting to feel a little out of sorts!


Here’s tonight’s dose of medicine.  I visited a new-to-me quilt shop with my friend Nettie last week and came home with these fabrics. I wondered how my Jelly Bean Stars quilt would look in a completely different style of fabric.  I figured 1800’s reproduction prints would be just about as opposite as I could get to the bright colours I used originally.

I think I like it.  I had planned to make just one test block so I could include a picture in the pattern I’m writing up to show how it could work in other fabrics.  Now I’m contemplating heading out to the local quilt shop to increase my reproduction fabrics collection.  I can see this made up as a whole quilt, looking warm and cozy next winter on my couch.  I could pull some gold tones from these fabrics for the sashing stars…  Oh yes, I’m afraid I’ll have to go for a stroll downtown, and the stroll just might take me past the quilt shop!


  1. It looks wonderful with reproductions! Get yourself on over to the quilt shop!

  2. After all the hours you put into my beautiful APQ quilt, no wonder you took a break! I too like the block and fabrics. Don't buy more fabric than you can carry on your walk! *wink* Of course, you could always take the car if necessary! ---"Love"

  3. It looks great! I can see some blues in there as well and it would become very patriotic too. My machine was unplugged, too, when I went to use it this weekend, but it had only been that way a week - I'd been sewing with my guild the previous weekend! Glad to see you've got yours plugged back in and are working away again.

  4. I love these fabrics and the colors. Enjoy your stroll!

  5. Love it! Make sure to have two bags with similar weights on your 'walk'! Gives a great fabric workout while carrying all that fabric home.

  6. Quick! Call the Quilt Police! An unplugged machine is an offence under the statute. Consider yourself on a good behaviour bond. Of course it's okay to take a break (especially with your hands/wrists).

    I really like your alternative colour way for Jelly Bean Stars. Katie and I have blown the diet so it's on for young and old now. Go! Shop! Enjoy!

  7. I was reading Katie's blog and saw your latest post on the side, I thought you had not been blogging. Somehow one of the times all my blogs disappeared yours stayed lost.
    I am really slow sometimes.
    Anyway I am fixing that right now.
    Love the block and the pretty color.

  8. I love it!!! It has translated well; very gorgeous!


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