Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just in time for cool weather

Autumn Moons is finished, just in time for cooler fall evenings.  It has already been curl-up-on-the-couch tested by both kids and declared cozy.





As you can see I had trouble picking a picture…

All the quilting was done with a walking foot, taking the curves slowly, figuring out where to start each curve to minimize the amount of quilt that would need to be pushed around through the throat of the machine as I turned the fabric under the foot.

For the quilting in the leaves I tried a curvy leaf shape inside one pieced leaf but wasn’t sure I liked it.  In the next leaf I tried just straight lines from each point to the stem.  That was OK, but still not quite right.  In the third leaf I did both.  That was a winner so I went back and added the missing parts to the previous two leaves.

The unquilted tops list is now officially a shortlist of two!  Well, two plus the 3/4 quilted Canada Quilt in progress, but as it had lots of quilting on it by now I don’t think it belongs on the unquilted list anymore.  Unfinished, but not unquilted!

Now I need to decide which top to quilt next:  Seeing Stars or Quilter’s Scrapbook.  I’m toying with the idea of hand quilting one, but maybe I need to finish hand quilting the Canada Quilt before I decide.  I know I need to get started on a bed quilt for my son as well (his current one has started shredding) and I’d like to hand quilt that, so maybe I should just machine quilt both current tops.  Decisions, decisions.  Plus there’s a ridiculous part of me that thinks maybe I should set myself the challenge of taking all my quilts to the finished stage before I cut into fabric to start a new one.  If I do that will I lose my quilting license?

Update: The pattern for Autumn Moons is now available in my shop!


  1. Your quilt is really wonderful. I LoVe the colours of the fabric you chose! Nice quilting too! :)

  2. I vote for Quilter's Scrapbook. I love the simplicity of the pattern but the impact of color. The red almost has a holiday theme.

  3. I probably will never have the pleasure of meeting you in person, but from our contact through our blogs, I would dare to say I doubt you have enough self-control to keep you from cutting another quilt before you finish quilting all your UFO's. *giggle* I'm pretty sure you are as addicted to the process as I am, or more so! But that's okay; go ahead and start another project. By the way, your quilt is gorgeous. I can't imagine quilting all those curves with a walking foot! Great job! ---"Love"

  4. If you actually have ALL your quilts finished before starting a new one, I'm not sure you're a REAL quilter! But good for you setting such goals. I once had lofty goals like that. Then I got a dedicated sewing room. POOF! Goals out the window. :) The quilt looks fantastic and I'm glad to know the family loves it, though they'd be crazy not to.

  5. Oh my - what a stunning quilt! A wonderful finish that should please you immensely. Lose your licence?! I don't think so. Remember that this is meant to be fun.

  6. Yes, pretty sure you loose the quilting license if you don't start something every couple of months! Hehe..... Great job on this quilt and thanks for the ideas for my maple leaf quilt. Maybe I'll prep that one to work on next.... and steal some quilting ideas from you again. =)
    I'd flip a coin - both are beautiful quilts.

  7. A beautiful quilt ... is this your own pattern ....... or can you share where you got it.....just gorgeous!

    Frequent reader Carol

    1. Thanks! Yes, this is my own design. I'm planning on writing up the pattern sometime soon. I'll keep you posted.

  8. It really is lovely - gorgeous fabric selection. You are well within your rights to show ALL the photos - they are gorgeous!! And I'm sure you qualify to hold onto your quilter's licence!


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