Sparkling Strings came out of hiding to be quilted.  I thought I had a glimmer of an idea how I wanted to quilt it but I hadn’t actually looked at the quilt top in a while.  Now that I’ve reminded myself how it actually looks I know that glimmer of an idea won’t work.

So.  I’m stuck.  I have absolutely no clue how to quilt this. Suggestions welcome!



  1. And you are asking me?????....You've got to be kidding! Deciding what to quilt is the most difficult thing about finishing a quilt, for me anyway! Second hardest is actually doing it! I have every confidence you will come up with an outstanding design and that you will do it well! ---"Love"

  2. That is a beautiful quilt top! Unfortunately, I can't help with any ideas since I hand quilt everything and it is all simple, mostly stitch in the ditch around the shapes within the quilt. I hope someone else has a really good suggestion for you!

  3. No help from me either - coming up with the quilting pattern is the most difficult part! I'm sure you will be inspired with an idea soon =)

  4. It really can be so difficult to decide how to do the quilting. I had no idea how to hand quilt my Seven Sisters quilts so I just decided to do an all-over Baptist Fan design. Hopefully, your quilt will speak to you and tell you what it wants.

  5. I personally love all over quilting designs, unless you wanted to emphasize the stars more. I think something feathery in the borders would be neat.

  6. I would probably quilt 1/4" both sides of the seam lines - horizontal, vertical and diagonal and then follow the design of the zigzags on the border. So fun!

  7. I took Angela Walters' Dot to Dot Quilting class on Craftsy, and I can really see her principles applied to the border white space. It would be virtually no marking either, which is always a thumbs-up for me. As for the stars, that's tough, but I think emphasizing the orange stars with a Sulky Holoshimmer thread would be fun, and quilting the rest with a thread that would blend in, or maybe even a blue and green variegated thread...but now that I read some of the other comments, and remember back a few posts, methinks you're a handquilter, n'est-ce pas? So ignore my thoughts!


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