Thursday, June 26, 2014

Starlight Starbright Finish

I’ve been absent from blog land more often than not for most of June as I was busy enjoying real life.  We enjoyed my parent’s visit for a week, the start of summer and puttering in the garden.

There was a bit of sewing/quilting happening.  I made a few small purses, which I forgot to photograph before giving away.  I also quilted Starlight Starbright. I tried to have a creative photo shoot before it left for its new home, but as you can see, not only was the wind having fun playing with the quilt, I am still working on mastering artful draping of quilts.

The two pictures below at least show off the quilting detail.  In the border I just echoed the prairie points using my walking foot.  I used the walking foot for the outline quilting inside and outside all the stars as well.  In an earlier post I pondered quilting the alphabet in the stars, but in the end I decided that the colors provided enough variety and I needed something common in all the stars to calm things down, so I went with a simple free-motion swirl in each star.

Finally here we have the classic quilt with legs photo op (my thanks to my hubby)!

My quilting goals for the next few weeks are to:

1. Layer, baste and quilt my red and green, non-string version of Sparkling strings so I can add a finished photo to the pattern cover and release that pattern.  Otherwise the pattern is all ready to go.  My tester did a fabulous job and I’ll be posting a photo of her quilt top soon too.

 2. Layer, baste and quilt Seeing StarsI think I have a quilting plan for it finally so I need to get to it before I change my mind again.

 3. Hand quilt a teeny tiny bit on the kaleidoscope quilt (and maybe come up with a name for it?) though it is a bit warm these days to have that massive thing draped over my lap…

 4. Finish writing patterns for Baby Steps and Starlight Starbright.  I’ll be needing pattern testers again. Let me know if you’re interested.  Both quilts were super easy and quick to make.

 5. Prepare a beginning EQ7 class to teach at my LQS at the end of July.  I’m excited about this one, but as I plan I’m discovering new features and I really need to start narrowing down the class focus, not expanding it!

 OK, maybe these will take more than a few weeks, especially if I plan to enjoy sitting in the garden that we just spent so much tome making pretty!


  1. Oh so pretty! Love the little swirl in the stars - great choice. Hey... that was not a walking foot making that was it? Hehe.
    What is the timeframe for pattern testing? I might be able to do it in a much more timely manner this time =).

  2. It looks wonderful - such a happy quilt.

    Whew - your project list is making me tired.

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous! Looks like you've set an aggressive schedule for yourself, but I have no doubt you will accomplish your goals. Do take time to breathe (and quilt). ---"Love"

  4. Sounds like a busy time. Well done on your gorgeous finish - I like that spiral you did in the stars!

  5. What a list. I think I need a nap after reading that. The quilting looks great on the Starlight Starbright quilt and I definitely understand the trouble with quilt photography. (Mostly I just give up and do the quilt with legs option...the hubby grumbles, but he forgets pretty quickly, too.) Good luck completing all those goals!

  6. You know you don't need an excuse to be blog-absent don't you? It is nice though to catch up with your quilting adventures and this quilt is a stunner. I really like the swirl pattern on the star bodies. Nice little nod to all things astronomical.

  7. This is such a bright and happy quilt! I love that you photographed it in a playground. Perfect. I also love the spirals in the star centres. I am feeling that same tug-of-war between my basement sewing corner and the beautiful outside warm sunny days!

  8. Another bright and beautiful quilt. I love how you quilted the border. My favorite pictures are the two side by side. They really show the quilting.


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