List? What list?

OK, yes, I am familiar with my list of projects I plan to finish next.  I just don't stick to it very well!  This, for example, was not on it:

It really couldn't be avoided (really!).  I had to start something new to prove to my daughter that I do, in fact, love the ruler she gave me for Christmas.

I saw the Quick Curve ruler at a quilt show a few years ago when it was brand new.  I almost bought it, but then worried that it was a "one quilt ruler", the kind that looks really neat until you figure out that every quilt you make with it looks the same.  The samples in the booth were all pretty similar, so I passed.  However, there are now oodles of pretty patterns that prove the ruler can be used in many different ways. Check out Sew Kind of Wonderful for eye candy.

This block is one of their free patterns. Except for the trimming on my first unit (which eventually resulted in that seam that doesn't even come close to matching), I didn't have any trouble with the directions and everything came together smoothly.  I did press my seams differently in a few spots and will continue experimenting with that to get as many seams to nest as possible.  I really, really like it when seams nest!

Now, returning to the list, I will go enjoy some quiet hand quilting.  Only two sides of the outermost border left to finish.  If I can avoid more distractions like tonight's, I might have the kaleidoscope quilt quilted and bound in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. List, schmist! At least you proved the ruler works. I've been watching Sew Kind of Wonderful since her first quilt and my word it has developed. This a terrific block and the fabric is a great choice.

  2. That is such a cool looking block! love the colors, too.

  3. That blue fabric lends an elegance and depth to the block.

  4. What a beautiful block and fabric! I'd love to have that ruler too, but when would I have time to figure it all out? ---"Love"

  5. It looks pretty interesting and I will be eager to see what else you can come up with for this ruler. I love the block!

  6. I always like to have something new to look forward to even if I am not finished with other projects. They will get finished eventually! Your block is so interesting and so pretty. I bet that will make a beautiful quilt. Have fun playing with the ruler, it will be fun to see what else you can make with it.

  7. This template looks like it would work with Angela Pingel's quilt patterns. I love her work and it looks like so much more than what it is. The template might be even more versatile than the Accuquilt dye cuts that she recommends.

  8. Hand quilting... that is what I should be doing! Thanks for the reminder.. I think I am turning the second side of the last border. Must not let you leave me in the dust on that one. Happy quilting.
    Your block is lovely in blue.. you could link up to the RSC Challenge =)

  9. List schmist is right. You're working on something and that counts. This is going to be a beautiful quilt with that blue fabric. At first I thought you'd fussy cut it it blends so nicely! I look forward to seeing it come together, but I'd guess your son is also looking forward to his quilt being finished... :)

  10. I should have looked at the link for the ruler before commenting. Darn it. I think I have another want on my list. This is never-ending, isn't it. I'm going to have to think harder on how to afford being able to stay home and quilt all the time...

  11. So pretty! I want to give that block a try... sometime.

  12. I have that same ruler. I only used it once to make an urban nine patch quilt which is a pattern they sell on the website at sew kind of wonderful. Our guild is teaching a class on using the ruler at our jamboree which I will likely take because I did have a few wonky blocks. Thanks for visiting me.


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